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For those that do not want to climb to the top of Mt. Olympus to choose a woofer, Hifonics offers the Brutus line of woofers. Built for stunning sound quality and Brutus strength because the gods demand it that way. You will see the line starts with 3” coils on the Mt. Olympus OLM1600D2 and in Brutus we move to a multi-layer 2.5” coil. Here we have cut away the skin of the Brutus woofer so you can gaze upon the gods and understand why the Brutus and other Hifonics woofers are second to none.

2XIL Ring

The 2XIL Ring is a heavy duty ABS trim ring with dual illumination. A great way to finish off your installation and the hint of illumination will draw just enough attention to your choice of the best woofer from atop Mt. Olympus

Butyl Surround

Satin black linear Butyl rubber surround along with the REZTx spiders help keep the piston motion of the subwoofer linear and smooth

Woven Pressed Polypropylene Cone

Heavy Duty woven texture polypropylene cone develops big bass while dramatically reducing cone flex which can rob the system of low deep bass.


Injection molded two tone polypropylene dust cap adds strength to the woofer and proudly holds the Hifonics logo and H - mark of the Gods.

P & I Terminals

Nickel-plated 8 gauge P&I (push and insert) speaker terminals to secure MAXXLINK speaker wire connections easily

Dual REZTx Spiders

Dual REZTx (Resin infused textile) spiders along with the Butyl surround, allow the Brutus woofer to handle more power without adding non-linear distortions.

REZTx Collar

Heavy Duty REZTx spider mount to secure upper and lower REZTx spiders

D2S Steel Frame

Powder coated D2S Steel frame is a Deep Draw Stamped Steel design for incredible strength to handle deep powerful bass

56oz Motor

• Double stacked high energy motor assembly with 56oz magnets increases power handling which increases SPL – sound pressure level.

Voice Coil & Former Assembly

• Vented aluminum former holds a 2.5” voice coil while allowing the heat to be exchange through the back pole piece and through the dual REZTx spiders

BRUTUS BRX12D4 Also available BRZ12SQD4 and BRZ15D4
Also available BRZ12SQD4 and BRZ15D4
BRUTUS BRX12D4 Vented aluminum former holds a 2.5” voice coil
Vented aluminum former holds a 2.5” voice coil
BRUTUS BRX12D4 Satin black linear Butyl rubber surround
Satin black linear Butyl rubber surround



Model BRX12D4 BRZ12SQD4 BRZ15D4
Size 12" 12" 15"
Power Handling RMS450 600 600
Power Handling MAXX 900 1200 1200
Impedance Dual 4-Ohm Dual 4-Ohm Dual 4-Ohm
Cut-Out Ø 10.94" 11.18" 13.86"
Chassis depth from flange 5.69" 6.4" 7.13"
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