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Hercules is a perfect step first step into car audio speakers. They are just the right choice for replacing those rags that came in the car and offer a perfect solution for car audio enthusiasts that will not settle for a “me too” look-a-like speakers. The full line; from 3.5” to 6x9” plus a more high end component systems, will put your stereo on par with the sounds of the gods.

For a more high end line of speakers with a bit more power handling, take a look at the out the Brutus X (hyper) line of car audio speakers available in all the sizes needed.

Silk and Mylar Domed Tweeters

Flush, Surface and Angle Mount Tweeter Cups

12dB Passive Crossover (Component System)

MAXX Power Handling @ 4Ohms

Available in 3.5”, 4x6”, 5x7/6x8”, 6.5”, 6x9 (3-way) and 6.5” Component

Hifonics Speaker
6.5” Component
Hifonics Speaker
12dB Passive Crossover
Hifonics Speaker
Silk and Mylar Domed Tweeters
Model HS35CX HS46CX HS5768CX
Size / Type 3.5" Coax 4X6" Coax 5 x 7"/6 X 8" Coax
Power Handling RMS 10W 15W 30W
Power Handling MAXX 20W 30W 60W
Impedance 4-Ohm 4-Ohm 4-Ohm
Sensitivity 82dB 85dB 88dB
Frequency Response 180-20K Hz 110-20K Hz 95-20K Hz
Crossover Frequency n/a n/a n/a
Crossover Slope n/a n/a n/a
Cut-Out Ø Φ79 90*144mm 128*181mm
Chassis depth from flange 43mm 51mm 63mm
Model HS65CX HS693 HS6.2C
Size / Type 6.5" Coax 6 x 9" 3-Way 6.5" Component
Power Handling RMS 30W 45W 35W
Power Handling MAXX 60W 90W 70W
Impedance 4-Ohm 4-Ohm 4-Ohm
Sensitivity 86dB 90dB 85dB
Frequency Response 70-20K Hz 60-20K Hz 65-20K Hz
Crossover Frequency n/a n/a 4KHZ
Crossover Slope n/a n/a 12dB
Cut-Out Ø Φ142 149*218mm Φ142
Chassis depth from flange 63mm 87mm 63mm


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