Brutus Elite BEX

Brutus Elite BEX

The Brutus Elite is special. You won’t find it on the internet. You won’t find it on internet auctions. You will only find the Brutus ELITE available at specialty shops that can maxximize the installation and your system design.
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NGSD Next Generation Super D-Class™ - Hifonics has perfected the latest in NGSD digital chip technology to provide you with an extremely efficient, low temperature, high amplification system that others only dream about. There are several options for installation and the mono Next Generation Super D-Class Brutus amplifiers can run at 4,2 or 1-Ohm as well, for an even tighter bass response!
Super A/B Class™ - Developed for the flagship Mt. Olympus amplifiers, Super A/B Class™ is shared by the Brutus BRX and the Brutus Elite line. The perfect sound quality design for the stereo amplifiers to match the NEXT GEN Super-D.

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Brutus Elite BEX

  1. BEX2550.1D Brutus Elite Amplifier : Brutus Elite 2500 watt mono D Class

    Hifonics Brutus Elite 2500 Watt Super D Class Mono block Amplifier ⇒ Details & Images


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