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Hifonics THOR Power Sports Edition: Mud Nationals, TX
3/17/17 6:48 AM  |  Hifonics General News
Hifonics just finished packing for Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas. This is a big year for us in the power sports category and we are excited to showcase a bunch of new products specifically designed for off-road vehicles and the harsh outdoor elements. Make sure to stop by our booth if you will be attending, as we will ...

Hifonics Gemini Elite amplifiers in Las Vegas at CES
1/5/17 10:42 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Las Vegas, NV – Hifonics has released the new series of amplifiers in the Elite line, the Gemini Elite or GEX will be shipping in this month.

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Hifonics at SEMA, #FlyTheW
11/11/16 12:47 PM  |  Hifonics General News
THOR Soundbars receive a Global Media Award
keywords: SEMA, Global Media Award, Hifonics, Soundbar, TPS-10, THOR, Maxxsonics Award

Hifonics THOR Compression Horns launch at SEMA, Booth 61005
10/27/16 2:50 PM  |  Hifonics General News

New speakers, compression horns, compact or marine amplifiers and new source units launched at SEMA in Las Vegas Nov 2016

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Hifonics THOR amplifiers launched at SEMA for Powersports & Marine Audio
10/26/16 2:13 PM  |  Hifonics General News
Compact chassis, 2 ohm stable and fully marine certified, conformal coated PC board amplifiers
keywords: hifonics, compact amplifiers, off road audio, marine audio, powersports audio, marine, off road, rzr, maverick, yamaha, arctic cat

Hifonics unleashes Bluetooth source units for marine and powersports in Las Vegas for SEMA, Booth 61005
10/25/16 2:17 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Fully waterproof marine line from Hifonics released at SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas – FINALLY!

Hifonics launches marine certified THOR waterproof speakers at SEMA, Booth 61005
10/24/16 2:48 PM  |  Hifonics General News
Fully waterproof marine speaker line from Hifonics – FINALLY!

THOR Pounds Minnesota
6/17/16 4:22 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Those old dusty farmers kept shouting "turn it down" but those mudders that love their music loud in the mud pits and on the trail wanted to know “WHEN can I get one?” and “WHERE can I get one?”

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35th Anniversary Badge of Honor
6/12/16 12:59 PM  |  Hifonics General News

The new Hifonics 35th Anniversary badge was revealed o celebrate 35 years of Hifonics.

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Marine & PowerSPORTS From The Gods
5/17/16 11:04 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics debuts Thor Soundbars for Marine and Powersports applications at Rally On The Rocks in Moab, UT

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