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35th Anniversary Badge of Honor
6/12/16 12:59 PM  |  Hifonics General News

The new Hifonics 35th Anniversary badge was revealed o celebrate 35 years of Hifonics.

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Marine & PowerSPORTS From The Gods
5/17/16 11:04 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics debuts Thor Soundbars for Marine and Powersports applications at Rally On The Rocks in Moab, UT

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Hifonics to Attend Rally on the Rocks
4/22/16 10:30 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics announces attendance at upcoming UTV and Side by Side show, Rally on the Rocks in Moab, UT from May 10th-14th.

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Heidt’s Gen 3 Camaro & Hifonics 35th Anniversary
3/24/16 3:10 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Heidt’s Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts 800 Horsepower of twin turbo fury packed into a 1990 Camaro with Hifonics 35th Anniversary audio

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Hifonics 1961 Chevy Impala SS
2/24/16 12:16 PM  |  Hifonics General News
Sick, 7000 watt, 1961 Chevy Impala SS rolled into SEMA 2015 to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Hifonics
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Where to Buy Hifonics
2/19/16 4:28 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Learn how to find an authorized Hifonics dealer or authorized online retailer to purchase your next car sound system.

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1972 Pro Touring Chevy Camaro at SEMA 2015
2/15/16 11:15 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Classic 1972 Chevy Pro Touring Camaro Featured for 35th Anniversary

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Hifonics Brutus Elite 35th Anniversary Car Amplifiers
2/15/16 10:16 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics offers Super A/B Class™ full range and Super D-Class™ mono subwoofer amplifiers to continue the 35th Anniversary celebration of Hifonics.

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Art Gamez - Team Hifonics Profile
2/14/16 11:59 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Art Gamez - Dedicated Team Hifonics champion and still striving for more SPL

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Hifonics Super Amps Car Amplifiers
2/14/16 10:09 AM  |  Hifonics General News

The 35th Anniversary of Power From The Gods and Hifonics are celebrated with throwback competition amplifiers. CTA certified RMS amplifiers designed around three models engineered to create the perfect system design.

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Hifonics THOR Sound Bar with QUB Speaker Promotion Deal
Hifonics THOR Sound Bar with QUB Speaker Promotion Deal