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Thor Powersports Coming in Spring 2016
2/14/16 9:20 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics is launching Thor, a line of Powersports products aimed at those customers that spend more time outside than on the couch.

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Elite Products are for Elite Dealers Only
2/13/16 2:22 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics ELITE products are designed to be sold and installed by ELITE dealers only. If Elite products are purchased over the internet there are no warranties from Hifonics or Maxxsonics, USA.

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Hifonics Celebrates 35th Anniversary
2/13/16 12:25 PM  |  Hifonics General News

To celebrate our 35th Anniversary, the Hifonics Engineers have created 3 special lines of amplifiers. Let us take a quick look at all three and look further into Hifonics' history.

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Hercules LTD 35th Anniversary Car Amplifiers
2/12/16 8:54 PM  |  Hifonics General News

The Hercules LTD delivers the same Super A/B Class™ full range and Super D-Class™ technology and is available through a very select group of retailers both Brick & Mortar and our Authorized Online Sellers.

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Hifonics Warranty Fact and Fictions
12/31/15 9:19 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Learn about Hifonics's warranty process and what you can do if your product malfunctions and make sure you're covered.

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New Hercules 35th Anniversary Amp
12/23/15 7:16 PM  |  Hifonics General News

New Amplifiers for Authorized Online Dealers Only 

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Hifonics Announces Brutus Elite 35th Anniversary Amplifiers
12/23/15 4:02 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Full lineup of non-internet amplifier line for Elite dealers only

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Hifonics CES 2016 at Westgate Hotel & Casino
11/30/15 7:08 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Suite 2905 & 2906 – Central Tower

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Hifonics is Expanding the “Elite” Program with New Product & Programs For 2015
10/9/14 3:28 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics Will Be Showing New 2015 Product at SEMA 2014 That Will Cater to the Specialty Retailer by Expanding Non-Internet Products from the Successful “Elite Program”

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The Gods Have Opened Mt.Olympus with Huge Power!
1/2/14 8:55 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics has announced the full line of Mt. Olympus amplifiers for competitors and mortals that demand the biggest and baddest amplifiers for car audio.

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Hifonics THOR Sound Bar with QUB Speaker Promotion Deal
Hifonics THOR Sound Bar with QUB Speaker Promotion Deal