The new Hifonics 35th Anniversary badge was revealed at SEMA 2016 to celebrate 35 years of Hifonics building the most incredible sounding and powerful car audio in the industry. This iconic badge will only be presented on products that are part of the 35th Anniversary product offering scheduled for 2016. These product lines include the Super Amps, Hercules 35th Anniversary Amps, and the Brutus Elite 35th Anniversary Amps.

When you choose a 35th Anniversary amplifier, subwoofer or speaker, you will know, it was earned and you deserve the best that only comes from 35 years have dedication to #PowerFromTheGods.


All CTA certified RMS real power for the fearless mortals. The line consists of the 3400 Watt Colossus, Ultra-D Class™ Dual mono, the 3000 Watt Super-D Class™ Goliath and to balance out a full system design, the 600 Watt Super A/B Class™ four channel full range. All of the SUPER AMPS have the new ParaQ™ technology to shape equalization and bass boost with parametric EQ controls and all models include the bass remote.

Brutus Elite 35

Very special, the Brutus Elite 35 line up continues the Elite program for Hifonics highest level partner. These amplifiers are only available at Elite Dealers and are prohibited from internet and web auction sales. Do not buy BE35 amplifiers on the web, you are being ripped off. See the policy here. The Brutus Elite 35 feature Super A/B Class™ full range and Super D-Class™ mono, including a five channel with both circuit topologies that can power a full system.

Hercules LTD 35

The Hercules LTD delivers the same Super A/B Class™ full range and Super D-Class™ technology and is available through a very select group of retailers both Brick & Mortar and our Authorized Online Sellers. The H35 line has several full range and mono amplifiers to allow everything from simple to elaborate system designs.

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