Hifonics ALPHA Amplifiers, Voted “Best Car Audio Amplifier” SEMA 2018

A2500.5D Amplifier

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  • A2500.5D
  • A2500.5D

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Part#: A2500.5D | MSRP: $389.99


Hifonics ALPHA Super D-Class® Hybrid 5 Channel Amplifier



Part #: A2500.5D | SKU: 806576228837 | Category: ALPHA Amplifiers
The Hifonics ALPHA A-2500.5D amplifier is a 5 channel amplifier with a hybrid of Full Range Super D-Class® and Super D-Class® Technologies with electronic crossovers. Bass remote included.

The Hifonics ALPHA A-2500.5D amplifier is a 5 channel amplifier with a hybrid of Full Range Super D-Class® and Super D-Class® Technologies. Engineered and manufactured with voltage matched, tight tolerance and hand selected proprietary components on the double sided glass epoxy PC board, ALPHA delivers Hifonics best ever sound quality and power output. The innovative use of SMT (Surface Mount) and through-hole components are designed to fit into a much smaller package than other amplifiers available from Hifonics.


Part #: A2500.5D | SKU: 806576228837 | Category: ALPHA Amplifiers
  • Class
    Full Range Super D-Class®
    Super D-Class®
  • Total Channels
  • Power @ 1 Ohm
    1 x 750 Watts
    CH5 Only
  • Power @ 2 Ohms
    4 x 100 Watts + 1 x 450 Watts CH5
  • Power @ 4 Ohms
    4 x 60 Watts + 1 x 250 Watts CH5
  • Crossover
  • Variable High Pass Crossover 12dB per Octave
    CH 1 & 2
    10Hz - 250Hz
    CH3 & 4
    10Hz - 250Hz
  • Variable Low Pass Crossover 12dB per Octave
    CH 5 Only
    50Hz - 250Hz
  • Tone Control/Parametric EQ
    Bass EQ
  • Bass Boost
  • Variable Voltage
    200mV - 10V
  • Signal to Noise
  • Frequency Response
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Speaker Level Audio Inputs
  • Power Terminal 12v/GND
    12 AWG
  • Speaker Terminal Wire Gauge
    CH1 - 4
    18 AWG
    16 AWG
  • Fusing
    Use Extermal Fuse
  • Turn on Circuit
    Remote Turn-On / Signal Sense On
    CH1-4 only
  • Heatsink Size
    Length: 13in x Depth: 5.75in x Height: 2.37in

System Includes

Part #: A2500.5D | SKU: 806576228837 | Category: ALPHA Amplifiers
More info in development & coming soon!

Features & Benefits

Part #: A2500.5D | SKU: 806576228837 | Category: ALPHA Amplifiers
  • Low Noise Preamplifier Circuitry
    Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier through a low voltage circuit which delivers minimal distortion through the amplification process
  • RCA Inputs
    Nickel plated RCA connectors for audiophile signal quality and maximum signal throughput with minimum distortion and maximum external noise rejection
  • Operation Mode
    Flexible installation allows this amplifier to run in four channel or mono mode simultaneously
  • Crossover Type
    Accu-Cross crossovers allow for complete control of the signal directing to all speakers. See specifications section for specific frequencies
  • Electronic Equalizer
    Control of amplifier output with on board electronic crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers. Check specifications for specific frequencies for this amplifier
  • Class / Topology
    Developed over 4 decades of engineering to deliver the highest level of sound quality and power efficiency. Hifonics ALPHA Super D-Class® and Full Ranger Super D-Class hybrid Five Channel topology results in lower distortion, higher current efficiencies and less heat than conventional amplifier designs
  • Output Device Technology
    The Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET is designed for music production vs just electronics output power. It produces very musical high power with high efficiency for cooling and minimal distortion
  • Heat Sink
    Heavy duty aluminum alloy heat-sink efficiently moves heat from the MOSFET where it can be cooled
  • Power Supply
    The Twin Turbo Coil PS is a Pulse Width Modulated power supply keeps voltage constant through the Ultra-Fi output devices
  • Output Connections
    Nickel plated, high temperature impact resistant with hex screw terminals that allow for secure connections and is erosion resistant
  • Connection Type
    Secure connection for all power, ground and speaker connections. Angled for ease of access during installation.
  • LED System Protection Circuitry Diagnostics
    Monitor overload and speaker short protection with illuminated indicators on the amplifier end panel
  • Bass Remote Included
    Wired Bass Remote allows adjustments to bass frequencies from the control which can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle. Smooth potentiometer and ringed illumination in a satin black mount create a custom look
    Channel 5 Only
  • Full Range Digital
    Full Range Super D Class, high efficiency/high power technology to deliver maximum wattage. With this focus on engineering, big sound while remaining very musical in a compact chassis is the result.
  • SMT Inside
    With Surface Mount Technology the typical "through-hole" placement and the larger tolerances from human placement is dramatically improved. In addition, circuit engineers can design better circuits for power and sound quality as the tolerances of SMT components are superior to larger "through-hole" components.
    Because of their lower mass SMT components withstand shock and vibration making them perfect for audio designed for all vehicles.
  • 300kHz HIGH SPEED Pulsing
    The switching speed of the Class D chip puts the amplifier sampling frequencies at over 100 times higher than human ears can hear. This means that the amplifier and the very fast digital switching remains un-hearable in the audio bandwidth for music.


Part #: A2500.5D | SKU: 806576228837 | Category: ALPHA Amplifiers
When comparing the innovative ALPHA designs to traditional Hifonics amplifier layouts, the difference is amazing. Pictured below are the BRUTUS BXX3000.1D and the ALPHA A3000.1D amplifiers with their heatsink difference clearly illustrated. The ALPHA footprint is reduced by 25% over standard Hifonics amplifiers. The engineers accomplish this without any reduction in aluminum mass-to-power ratio.
ALPHA Amplifiers
The four channel BXX-800.4 comparison is equally as startling when compared to the A800.4 ALPHA.
With four decades of Hifonics engineering and innovation, ALPHA series amplifiers have the best of every amplifier component completely redesigned and re-engineered. This intense design engineering and circuit design has led to very low noise sound quality pre-amplifier sections with electronic components with minimal crosstalk. This is all accomplished with surface mount component and thick PC boards. The crossovers have been redesigned to maximize sound shaping controls across all amplifiers.
ALPHA Amplifiers
Internal View of ALPHA Amplifier
The biggest change which is an ALPHA exclusive is the voltage matched, tight tolerance and hand selected components which are marked as proprietary with the Hifonics logos, visible only when the bottom is removed or when on display with an ALPHA retailer. This assures that you are getting components selected by Hifonics engineers for the ALPHA series and nowhere else on the planet.
ALPHA 2 and 4 channel amplifiers have a feature to make integration with a factory radio or source unit really easy. The amplifier will sense when a signal voltage rise through the connected input wires which travels through the RCA’s. This means that you can easily integrate the ALHPA amplifier into an OEM installation without spending additional money on a Line Output Converter (LOC).
ALPHA Amplifiers
Crossover View of ALPHA 4 Channel Amplifier
The ALPHA line has a Hybrid. Due to the incredible engineering of the circuit layout and the high power components being layout in a way that high power/high voltage cross talk are minimized, the team has been able to accomplish a 5 channel ALPHA Amplifier which maximizes efficiency and minimized any electrical interference.
ALPHA Amplifiers
Hifonics ALPHA Amplifiers
All that power packed in one amplifier makes system design a breeze. Easily integrate into your OEM system using all 5 channels of ALPHA power with ALPHA speaker’s front and rear with an ALPHA subwoofer. Simple in concept but shocking in the sound it will deliver.
ALPHA Amplifiers
Full Audio System Powered by ALPHA 5 Channel Amplifier
ALPHA Amplifiers
View of ALPHA Input & Crossover Panel
Additionally, all ALPHA amplifiers feature:
  • Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET - Produces high power with minimal distortion
  • T3 (Twin Turbo Toroid) power supply torroids
  • Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET Power supply
All Mono and five channel amplifiers include an HFR-31 bass remote to put the bass control at arm’s length. The amplifiers protection condition is also shown by blue illumination for normal operation and red for a short being present that requires the attention of an installer.


Part #: A2500.5D | SKU: 806576228837 | Category: ALPHA Amplifiers
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