ALPHA amplifiers have arrived on the car audio scene as if they had been there all along. ALPHA is a start to something. These amplifiers are a force of ambition from the GODS; a reviving attitude that dates back to the dawn of car audio. ALPHA from Hifonics means: to be first, to be loud, to be powerful, and lead the pack.

When comparing the innovative ALPHA designs to traditional Hifonics amplifier layouts, the difference is amazing. The ALPHA footprint is reduced by 25% over standard Hifonics amplifiers. The engineers accomplish this without any reduction in aluminum mass-to-power ratio.

ALPHA car audio from Hifonics brings together the best design and engineering achievements from almost 4 decades of driving car audio development. Advances like SUPER D-CLASS® and now FULL RANGE SUPER D-CLASS® have given ALPHA amplifiers the Power From The Gods.  

The SUPER D-CLASS digital chip technology provides extremely efficient, low temperature, high system power in order to run cool from 4-Ohm to 1-Ohm. Hifonics welcomes you back to the beginning. The beginning of ALPHA.   

Author Maxxsonics