Art Gamez from the south Phoenix AZ area is dedicated to #PowerFromTheGods.

Mr. Gamez has a family that he supports by working in the Distribution Center for Wal-Mart in Phoenix for the last 11 years. But after the fridge is full and the roof is stable, everything Art lives for goes into his competition vehicle.


Art noticed that he “felt” differently about music when he discovered that his brother Eddie was a “hidden in the garage” basshead. That was 1994 and suddenly, Art knew, the reason he felt music, was because he wanted to actually feel it, and he liked when other people felt it – loudly.

Art spent years just enjoying great music, loud, before ever getting into competition. It was AC/DC #FTW in the Gamez truck.  It was pretty clear from 4th grade that Art just loved music more, and louder than all his friends and most of his family.


In 1997 Art first stepped out of the boring OEM system in his car. It was in his 1983 Camaro. You all know that hatch back, not a real truck, right? Well, Art and his brother managed to jam in there, eight 12 inch Hifonics Olympus subwoofers, two of the Hifonics Mars

By 2001, Art was completely hooked. He was a dB Drag competitor, chasing bass races and car shows all around the sound west, USA. He told everyone he was an athlete in a new sport. The sport of competitive sound-off event and Art was becoming a champion.

Art started winning his first trophies in 2001, which of course is the beginning of the addiction to big bass and competition. Now, he was chasing the top competitors in the country. So, the Camaro needed an upgrade. Next phase; 6 Hifonics Planet X 15 inch subwoofers and 12 – (that is a quantity of amplifiers, no a subwoofer measurement..  that is TWELVE Hifonics Xi Thor amplifiers. Now, finally, Art was the king of the southwest.

In a recent interview with the Hifonics team, Art said, “I always chose Hifonics because it powered my life. It was the SPL I needed to win and the build quality was unbeatable. In the early 2000’s when Maxxsonics took over the Hifonics brand, it became even stronger. The best thing is that there are still amplifiers for guys like me in the line, like the new SUPER AMPS, but there are great entry level amplifiers, speakers and subs for my friends that are not pure bass heads like me.”   


Like so many competitors, Art has opted for that big box vehicle to help develop SPL and frankly just to hold and support the about of subwoofers and amplifiers needed to achieve his goals.  The current competition vehicle is a 1986 S-10 Chevy Blazer with a custom candy paint job. The system is 24 Hifonics Mt. Olympus Atlas 6K amplifiers power 6 DC Audio Level 5 – 15 inch subwoofers with..  wait for it… 34 Rikken Group 31 batteries. These amplifiers are puttin gout 3000 watts at 1 ohm, and that is CTA Certified (formerly CEA) which puts peak power close to 6000 watts. Yes, this system pounds.

Took a peek backstage at the mounting system and wiring.

As Art imagines the future, it’s all about improving. Stepping up to more power, bigger records and of course, more trophies. If you’d like to keep up with Art and his pursuit, just type “Team Hifonics” into Facebook. That’s your man, Art Gamez, Team Hifonics champion.


Art is fully sponsored, by his wife, currently working 3 jobs. OK, not really, but the Gamez family is fully invested in Art and his sport of SPL. He guys the newest, and sells after a couple of seasons. This way, he is always on the cutting edge while helping those that are coming up behind him to learn the ropes of competition.

Mr. Gamez would like to thank some of the important people who have helped him through the years, Rich Scott of Rikken Power Cells, Rusty Flowers of DC Audio, and to my brother Eddie for all his help and knowledge in this sport. And of course, all the people at Hifonics and Maxxsonics who have always been there for me, Beata, Kellie, Gina, Armando, Mike and of course, the Maxx Boss – Alden, what a great crew you have built. Thanks for all the support!

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