Hifonics BXiPRO3.0 takes audio to unparalleled levels of sound.

Your sound demands ultimate control from you. Control how you hear everything from your audio with the NEW BXiPRO3.0 processor from Hifonics. This all-in-one processor solution features bass enhancement and includes clip indication for input and output levels (on both product and remote), an adjustable remote, signal sense with multi-selection, a dual remote amplifier that features dual function remote with bass enhancement and output level control, and dual remote wiring.

BXiPRO3.0 processor
A closer look at the included bass remote
A back view of the bass remote showcasing the thin wiring

Armando Triana, Senior Product Development Specialist, said, “This processor has a ton of control and customizable options for you to dive deep into your audio. Adjusting your sound exactly how you want within half the size in space makes the BXiPRO3.0 our leading flagship processor. We wanted to give you everything to control each aspect of your music.”

A side view of the BXiPRO3.0 processor demonstrating just how smaller this processor really is — TRIPLE THE POWER in half of the size!


The BXiPRO3.0 processor integrates into any vehicle with an upgraded subwoofer system. Showcasing a compact design with a sleek finish to it, you’ll receive half the size in space with TRIPLE THE POWER for your audio. With adjustable mounting solutions and multi-point installation options including placing the processor behind dash-concealed locations, this processor will be as flexible as your installation demands it to be.

With tough reinforced connectors that feature Tiffany Style differential noise inputs, you’ll not only receive a processor that has superior connectivity where you need it the most, but you’ll also embrace selectable multi-level inputs and dual remote outputs (high-levels out and sub-levels out) that connect 2 different amplifiers.

A closer look at the Tiffany-Style noise inputs on the BXiPRO3.0 processor
A closer look at the Tiffany-Style noise outputs on the BXiPRO3.0 processor


  • Integration into any vehicle with an upgraded subwoofer system
  • Smaller space creates more power in your vehicle
  • Noise reduction with Tiffany Style differential noise inputs
  • Adjustable mounting solutions
  • Multi-point installation options make easy installation anywhere
The input controls on the BXiPRO3.0 processor
The output controls on the BXiPRO3.0 processor

“Hifonics engineers have created the most powerful processor from Hifonnics with the BXiPRO3.0. With triple the power in half the size and space, this processor will fit anywhere your installation demands while providing top-quality sound and complete customization of your music. This is the entire package,” concluded Triana.

Take audio to unparalleled levels of top-quality, undistorted playback, and customizable sound control with the BXiPRO3.0 processor and hear the difference in all of your music!

BXiPRO3.0 processor with bass remote

Learn more about the BXiPRO3.0 processor on the Hifonics website HERE.