How do you prevent an early 90’s Gen3 Camaro from being sloppy in the corners?? Well, if you’re Heidt’s Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts, you buy a car for product development, you design your newest IRS (independent rear suspension) and use that car for beta. When you’re done and ready to launch the new IRS for the Gen 3 Camaro and Firebird, you call up your neighbors at Hifonics, you get some killer 35th Anniversary Audio and you send it all down to The RestoMod Store in Missouri. There, it gets completely overhauled with an 800 Horsepower Twin Turbo LS7 and all the trimming that The RestoMod Store is famous for. Then you head to SEMA in Vegas. Check out a walk around with Scott Diedrich, Marketing Manager at Heidt’s.

The Hifonics System is pretty straight ahead, as the car’s purpose is showing the Heidt’s suspension. The heart of the system is the 5 channel BE35 5000.5. This one amplifier allows a full system to be run from one amplifier. Perfectly tucked away in the installation, just in front of the subwoofer enclosure. The Brutus 5 channel has one channel just to power the subwoofer channel with Super D-Class™ technology and then four full range channels with Super A/B Class™ technology to run the four channels of Elite speakers.

This build has the 6.5 inch components in the front and the Elite 6×9’s in the rear. The guys at The RestoMod Store didn’t have time for over the top custom enclosures, luckily the Brutus BRX 12D4 fit perfectly into a pre-fabbed enclosure from Q-Logic. Of course, it was painted to match the red interior, allowing the Brutus subwoofers to develop all their 900 watts of #PowerFromTheGods  

Scott at Heidt’s said, “We chose to install a Hifonics Brutus Elite system because of its huge power and great sound quality.”

Scott continued, “The Gen 3 Camaro audio system gets a lot of attention at shows and it sounds unbelievable. Even with this motor running, people want to hear this thing pounding.”

Much of the performance upgrades are featured in the video above, be sure to check it out. Additionally, we have listed some additional information:

Tremec 6 Speed Transmission

Wilwood brakes

    Front – 13” Discs with 6 piston calipers

    Rear – 10” with 6 piston calipers

Boze Wheels

Nitto Tires

The Heidt’s suspension components:  

  • Fully Tubular Front K Member
  • Lower Tubular control arms
  • Adjustable coil-overs  
  • Inner and outer sub frame connectors

And of course, the stunning, first final production bolt-in (IRS) for the Gen3 Camaro and Firebird.


Heidt’s and Hifonics are already working on SEMA 2016 vehicles. Stay tuned for more power from Heidt’s and more Power From The Gods.