Hifonics HFEQ-2 processor offers more control with higher sound quality.

Control all of your audio to exactly how you want to hear your sound. Utilizing higher sound quality through upgraded components, the NEW HFEQ-2 processor offers more control, deeper customization, and entirely new listening experiences for every song you want to rediscover again with POWER FROM THE GODS.

HFEQ-2 processor

With 1⁄2 DIN ISO mount included, this perfect system upgrade can be installed right in the dash of your vehicle. At your fingertips, you’ll receive a 9-volt line driver offering a 4-band equalizer with a +18dB variable plus master volume, subwoofer volume control, and front to rear dual-amp fader.

Jim White, Quality Assurance Specialist, said, With the HFEQ-2 processor, you’ll gain smoother sound and an all-around better listening experience. Obtaining full control of your music in every aspect is what we set out to achieve and the result is our most powerful and efficient processor that Hifonics has to offer.”

A closer look at the Front/Rear dual-amp fader controls
A closer look at the Subwoofer/Mono fader controls


With higher efficiency, drawing less power, the HFEQ-2 processor delivers a sound to your audio that creates a more dynamic experience letting you customize your music more than ever. High-pass filters allow complete control of every high, while low-pass filters allow for deeper low bass.

You can choose red LED lights to illuminate the controls on the front of the HFEQ-2 processor
Or blue LED lights to illuminate the controls on the front of the HFEQ-2 processor


  • 1⁄2 DIN, 4-band, pre-amp EQ with front/rear active crossover
  • Audio input selector for switching between the head unit and another source
  • Input level controls for both car radio and any media device to ensure identical volume levels
  • Master volume control of the SPL-level for both sound sources
  • Front to rear dual-amp fader
  • 2 audio inputs with level matching
  • 45Hz sub-bass control
  • 120Hz mid-bass control
The back of the HFEQ-2 processor

The HFEQ-2 processor offers more control for you and higher sound quality for your audio. Obtain total control of your sound and hear every song in a new light!

An angled side view of the HFEQ-2 processor

Learn more about the HFEQ-2 processor on the Hifonics website HERE.