BIGGER power. LOUDER sound. BRUTUS ELITE 40th Anniversary amplifiers celebrate Hifonics and its rich, historic tradition.

Offering incredible GODLIKE power and loudness powered through the rich tradition of Hifonics, ALL-NEW for 2023 BRUTUS ELITE (BE40) 40th Anniversary amplifiers look to build off the commemorative and special BRUTUS ELITE 35th Anniversary amplifier line. Bringing BIGGER power to installations through clarity and quality sound – the ALL-NEW BE40 amplifier line signifies the historic Hifonics 40-year milestone while continuing on the legacy and legendary history of Hifonics as a company and amplifier lines of the past.

BE40-3000.1D mono amplifier (shown above)
Inside the world of BE40 (shown above)

Sam Dattalo, Vice President of Sales, said, We have created an amplifier line that signifies the heart of what Hifonics has stood for in the next standard of amplifier sound quality. With the ALL-NEW BE40 amplifiers – a listening experience like no other can be heard, with crystal clear sound quality, louder levels of depth, and impeccable detail within any genre of music. The engineers at Hifonics have truly created and delivered a product of celebration that continues the legacy and tradition for amplifiers of the past while extending into new horizons of the future.”


Every BRUTUS ELITE 40th Anniversary amplifier delivers an experience that transcends Hifonics speakers and subwoofers or any audio installation by bringing out more layers of hidden details with a clear, immersive, dynamic, and loud sound. With amplifiers creating a sound so clear that uncovering missed details within songs becomes routine, BE40 amplifiers are built on a proprietary high-efficient Super D-Class platform that delivers power and superior build quality.

BE40-3000.1D (shown above)
BE40-2000.1D (shown above)
BE40-1500.4D (shown above)
BE40-1500.2D (shown above)
BE40-1500.1D (shown above)
BE40-1000.1D (shown above)

BE40 amplifiers offer a built-in bass enhancer for dialing in the perfect bass performance by setting the bass width and sweep on every BE40 amplifier’s top-mounted control panel. In addition to maximizing bass customization with a built-in bass enhancer, every BE40 amplifier includes a dual concentric bass knob and full-control RGB LED lighting. With all of these incredible showcased features, every BE40 amplifier will feed audio with GODLIKE abilities.

BE40-3000.1D mono amplifier input and output end panels (shown above)



Dial in the perfect bass performance by setting bass width and sweep on every BE40 amplifier’s top-mounted control panel.


RGB color selector on the amplifier’s end panel controls the logo, end panels, and side panels LEDs.


DC SIGNAL SENSE switch will allow every BE40 amplifier to turn on when a signal is received on high-level inputs.


Potentiometer provides an illuminated clip indicator for monitoring distortion. Additional illuminated indicators on the amplifier top-mount control panel display power, overload, and short protection.


Heavy-duty aluminum alloy heat sink efficiently moves heat from the MOSFET.

“While bringing out a mean, loud sound in every aspect of detail, every BE40 amplifier features a built-in bass enhancer that can be set via the top-mount controls. In addition, with Super D-Class topology using high-speed microprocessors that result in lower distortion and higher current efficiencies, your sound will surround you with a clearer definition in every beat, note, and bass drop. The time is now to secure your order – so you don’t miss out on this legendary listening opportunity,” concluded Dattalo.

BE40-2000.1D mono amplifier (shown above)

Celebrate the legendary 40-year history of Hifonics with the epitome of an amplifier line commemorating every product line that has come before it. The BRUTUS ELITE 40th Anniversary amplifiers bring out the best in audio and overall sound quality while placing your listening expectations on a pedestal toward future innovations to come. Demand more POWER, more LOUD, and more GODLIKE abilities with BE40 amplifiers.

Demand MORE LOUD and MORE SOUND with the power of BE40! Celebrate the legendary 40-year history of Hifonics with BRUTUS ELITE.

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