Pictured above is the biggest in the Gemini Elite family, the GEX3500.1D. See full specs and pricing below, but, the model number says it.. 3500 watts at 1 ohm. HUGE power…

As with all Elite amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers, the GEX amplifiers are designed for non-internet dealers and reserved exclusively for Hifonics Elite dealers. Elite Dealers have been with the Hifonics brand for years, many for DECADES and considering this new GEX is continuation of the 35th anniversary series, it is worth noting that the best representation of the Hifonics Elite products will come from Elite dealers.

Find a Hifonics Elite Dealer in your area.

Be careful, Elite products are restricted from internet sales and auction sites. DO NOT BUY Elite products from these sites, they are unauthorized and these products will have no warranty. Read the full Hifonics Elite Warning here. Back to the new Gemini, here’s the full line up.

Specifications & Pricing:  

Model Brdgd Mono 4Ω MSRP
GEX 1200.2 N/A 300 x 2 600 x 2 1200 x 1 $ 199.99
GEX 700.4 N/A 175 x 4 80 x 4 350 x 2 $ 199.99
GEX 1200.4 N/A 300 x 4 150 x 4 600 x 2 $ 299.99
GEX 2000.4 N/A 500 x 4 250 x 4 1000 x 2 $ 449.99
GEX 1300.1D 1300 x 1 650 x 1 425 x 1 N/A $ 299.99
GEX 1900.1D 1900 x 1 950 x 1 525 x 1 N/A $ 379.99
GEX 2500.1D 2500 x 1 1250 x 1 675 x 1 N/A $ 449.99
GEX 3500.1D 3500 x 1 1750 x 1 825 x 1 N/A $ 599.99



Super D-Class™


Mono Gemini GEX amplifiers utilize the proprietary Super D-Class™ design which employs high-speed microprocessors with proprietary D/A conversion algorithms to efficiently control the current consumption. At very high listening levels, Hifonics Super D-Class results in lower distortion, higher current efficiencies and less heat than conventional D-Class amplifier designs.


Super A/B Class™


For full range amplifiers, the Gemini GEX Super A/B Class circuit has been refined over three decades of engineering to deliver the highest level of sound quality and power efficiency. Even at very high listening levels, Hifonics Super A/B Class results in a smooth and linear high end with lower distortion plus higher current efficiencies and less heat buildup.