The Hifonics Jeep, which highlights Mobile and Powersports audio gear finally hit the road in May. You can see shots from the tour through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois in a subsequent blog. This quick read is designed for a slow scroll that allows you to focus on the pictures and appreciate our build partners that really have stepped up to help us pull off a great rolling demo vehicle.

Here are some details on our 2011 Jeep Wrangler photographed in May of 2018 at McDowell Mountain Park in Scottsdale Arizona. The aggressive looks come from the Nighthawk Jeep Grill from Undercover Tonneau. There are several to choose from, check them out and find your Jeep’s personality.

The attitude comes from our Black Rhino 20-inch Barstow Off-Road Wheels and 35 inch Falken Off-Road WILDPEAK M/T tires. The Jeep sits up high on a 4-inch Superlift Suspension with Reflex control arms and Superide Shocks.

Lighting up the dark trails and treacherous weather is a Pro Armor 50-inch LED light bar plus a few smaller cube lights.

When you are rolling in a Jeep you pretty quickly realize that people are always looking for a helping hand. Usually, people build a mall clawer that has no muscle. So, to save those wimpy little cars and trucks, Warn Industries hooked up this build with their new ZEON 10S winch. So far the tally is:

  • 1 food truck from a ditch
  • 1 Side by Side from the Mud
  • 1 Felled tree from the entrance to an IL rest area on I-94

The best part is the remote operation. Make the food truck owner figure it out in the rain and just wave his hands when he thinks he’s hooked up.

Watch us on Social Media to see what other bodies are gathered up.

When you look around, you will see a lot of great “fit and finish” bits that not only look great but provide solutions for the little things that annoy us. The steps, the flared fenders, the rear spare tire mount, etc… All provided by the team at Smittybilt.

The bolt-on fender flares from Smittybilt give the Hifonics Jeep a great wide look and keep the mud and rocks from annoying the driver and passengers.

The swinging spare tire/wheel gate takes the weight off the back door preventing the inevitable “sag” in the door.


The front audio system features an AM/FM, Bluetooth Source Unit (TPS-MR1) that is connected to one of two 4-channel GOLIATH amplifiers (GA800.4) mounted in the rear. When switched on, this system is playing through 4 of the ZEUS full range speakers. The front dash locations house the 6.5-inch 2-way component system (ZS65C) and the overhead OEM Jeep sound bar is easily upgraded to the 6.5 inch (ZS653) full range 3-way design.

The front system is augmented of course with a subwoofer system. There are two 10-inch Brutus BXS Shallow mount subwoofers fitted into a custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosure that is powered by another amplifier. The subwoofer amp is a GOLIATH 1500-watt mono Super D Class Amplifier (GA1500.1D).

The rear audio system is designed to show off the sound quality and the intense volume that can be achieved with the THOR audio products. Many of these components are featured in the UTV and RZR Tuned Audio Systems.

The award-winning 6 speaker soundbar is the controller for the tailgating system. A Bluetooth controller with 6 speakers featuring HPD Technology. This sound bar (TPS6) was tested as the loudest sound bar available in this size by Cogent Labs in Chandler AZ.

The soundbar is connected via the 2 volt RCA output cable to another 4 channel GOLIATH amplifier which is powering two pairs of 8-inch Compression Horns. If you are not familiar with the advantages of compression horns, catch up and drop some knowledge on your friends. These 8-inch towers (TPS-CP80) are also available in a 6.5 version mounted in a shallow enclosure (TPS-CXSP65) for when you can’t give up space.

Hifonics sounds bars and compression horns have built-in illumination. The sound bars offer 11 different pre-programmed color options while the compression horns can be illuminated in red or blue. If you’re more stealthy, you can leave the Illumination off.


Again a huge shout-out and thank you to all our build and marketing sponsors. Take the time to learn more about their products and how they can benefit your build.


The Hifonics Jeep build was conceived by Alden Stiefel and Brian Sherman of Maxxsonics. Both are Jeep owners, gear heads and audio freaks.

The build foreman and audio installation was expertly handled by Maxxsonics R&D Applications Guru and technical wizard, Chad Marra.

The photography, video, and drone footage were handled by Rob Anderson, Maxxsonics head of Graphic Design and IGTV. Putting it all together in the video edit featured above was Sean O’Bryan, Maxxsonics head of Social Media and Content Creation (He is also extremely attractive and editor of these blog posts).