Hifonics just finished packing for Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas. This is a big year for us in the powersports category and we are excited to showcase a bunch of new products specifically designed for off-road vehicles and the harsh outdoor elements. Make sure to stop by our booth if you will be attending, as we will be having some great show specials on power sport packages including TPS compact amplifiers, Compression Horns, Bluetooth Controllers, and Source Units!

Start your SYSTEM with a SOUNDBAR

Every sound system needs a source unit to control the music and communicate with all of the components you have installed. THOR Sound-bars have you more than covered. They put you on an unparalleled level with “the two loudest sound-bars in the industry” (Garry Springgay – Cogent Audio Labs). The TPS-6 and TPS-10 utilize Bluetooth to make  connectivity simple and available for a variety of devices.

The HORNS have been HEARD

The line of Compression Horns and Speakers has caused quite the commotion in the power sport field with new orders coming in everyday for the UHS (ultra-high sensitivity) Technology Cans as riders prepare to spend spring out on the trails. These designs are an INDUSTRY FIRST and they deliver inhumane amounts of SPL while distributing a full range of frequencies. The clear advantage of these horn speakers is their ability to produce about 5dB more sound than a traditional cone speaker from a given amplifier output. That is a huge benefit on the water or the trails! The true advantages of these compression horn speakers come to life in the upper volume range. The serge can easily be heard over engine noise and other loud environments. #POWERFROMTHEGODS

UHS technology integrates into THOR

Don’t forget the new NAUTIC ultra-high sensitivity (UHS) speakers create a single point source with a unified magnetic structure allowing all musical energy across the frequency band to come from a single focal point within the transducer. This dramatically improves the directionality of the speaker system while the design of the compression horn improves SPL.

POWER these great new speakers with our new TPS COMPACT AMPS

The TPS conformal coated compact amplifiers feature a proprietary full range Class D design that provides a very small footprint making these amps perfect for installation in applications where size matters. Each TPS compact amplifier features a detachable wire harness that simplifies installation. Simply wire it up then plug it in! Although these amps are small in size, they’re big on power (2 ohm stable), which allows them to perform at maximum power. When it comes to features there is no shortage of controls necessary to dial your system in and there’s plenty of power on hand to satisfy the demands of nearly any speaker.

The THOR series also offers a 5 channel amplifiers (TPS-A600.5), which offers a very simple system solution that allows four full range speakers or tower speakers to be run off the four full range channels. Then, the 5th channel is left to power only the subwoofer. This creates a very simple, compact, yet power installation.

Make sure to come see us at Mud Nationals to see all of these products and even more that is in store for 2017. Several audio systems and stand alones will be available at a special Mud Nats Weekend price!