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Working with the team at Kawasaki, Hifonics has engineered a selection of perfectly integrated audio systems for the Teryx® KRX™ 1000, MULE PRO-FXR™, and MULE PRO-MX™..

Regardless of which machine you are driving, Hifonics offers a great audio solution as the new systems include all the key components needed for an incredible sounding waterproof audio system. There are some systems that are exclusively available from your Kawasaki dealer and some available from Hifonics and Hifonics Dealers. See below for all the options and get started on your outdoor adventure.

Explore the FITMENT GUIDE to see how these and other Hifonics systems fit into your machine.

** The vehicle shown is not representative of your vehicle model. It is meant as a visual representation for the placement of the components.
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99994-1186: 160 Watt MULE PRO-MX™ Audio Upgrade

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160 Watt MULE PRO-MX Audio Upgrade

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Kawasaki Exclusive

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Availability: Kawasaki

Part#: 99994-1186


Kawasaki Audio system for the MULE PRO-MX™, including and AM/FM Bluetooth Source unit and a pair of high end speakers mounted in composite adaptors.



Part #: 99994-1186 | SKU: 806576229223 | Category: UTV & RZR Tuned Audio
Kawasaki Audio waterproof system for the MULE PRO-MX™, including an AM/FM Bluetooth Radio Powered Source Unit. Four channel 160 watt internal amplifier source unit powers 2 high end speakers mounted in composite enclosures.

Kawasaki has designed an audio system that will integrate seamlessly in to your machine. The new system is includes all the key components needed for an all inclusive system. Starting with the control unit, an AM/FM Bluetooth Powered Source Unit Radio. Utilizing an internal 160 watt amplifier the source unit powers a pair of high end speakers that are mounted in composite adaptors that resist the elements and add to the sound quality of the high and low frequency response of the system. This Kawasaki Audio system is engineered to deliver great sounding music, season after season after season and install perfectly in your ride.


Part #: 99994-1186 | SKU: 806576229223 | Category: UTV & RZR Tuned Audio
Source Unit:
  • Tuner Section FM Stereo Frequency Range
  • Tuner Section S/N Ratio
  • Bluetooth Range
    32' (10 Meter)
  • RMS Power Output
    20 x 4
  • Peak Power Output
    40 x 4
  • S/N @1W
  • Additional Inputs
    Y, 1 Pair, AUX - RCA
  • Frequency Response (Aux In)
    85Hz - 20kHZ
  • Pre-amp Outputs (Y/N #)
    Y, 2 Pair, Front - RCA, Rear - RCA
  • Pre-amp Voltage
  • Display Type
  • Display Backlit
  • LCD Font Size
  • Minimum Speaker Impedance
  • Dimensions Mounting Hole
  • Dimensions Mounting Depth
  • Dimensions Mounting Bezel (Width x Height x Depth)
    7.93cm x 7.30cm x 19cm

  • RMS Power Handling (CEA426B)
  • Peak Power Handling (CEA426B)
  • Speaker Impedance
    4 ohm
  • Frequency Response +/- 10dB
    55 Hz - 28kHz
  • Crossover Slope
    12dB Per Octave
  • Certifications
    IPX67, UVA Certified, CEA426B

System Integration:
  • Marine Certified
    IPX67 Rated. Tested to the highest Marine and Motorsports standards for resisting the elements. Longer life against harsh conditions. Protected against sun fade with UVA paint coating. Conformal coated crossover components protect against fresh and salt water spray as well as dust and sand.
  • System Harness
    Plug and Play Harness. Waterproof Connectors with premeasured wires. No guess work, no installation mistakes.
  • Time and Tools
    Standard Hand Tools. Installation is 1 hour or less.

System Includes

Part #: 99994-1186 | SKU: 806576229223 | Category: UTV & RZR Tuned Audio
More info in development & coming soon!

Features & Benefits

Part #: 99994-1186 | SKU: 806576229223 | Category: UTV & RZR Tuned Audio
Source Unit:
  • Source Type
    AM/FM/Bluetooth Enabled Gauge Mount Radio
  • Access Type
    Allows all access to radio stations and content from Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Input Types
    Bluetooth, RCA, USB. Nearly nothing the device can not play. Cassettes and 8-tracks not withstanding.
  • Control Buttons
    Large Waterproof. Play/Pause, Tracks Forward/Back, Volume Up/Down and Power On/Off are all protected from the elements with the large waterproof button. Their size and space also makes them easy to operate with riding gloves on.
  • Bluetooth™ Connect
    Bluetooth™ Connect allows your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device to be quickly paired to the controller without a complicated pairing process.
  • Built-In Power
    Four channels with 45 watts of output. These channels remain active when running external amplifiers (RCA Output) to run additional speakers in the cabin.
  • Dash Panel
    High temperature composite dash mount secure the source unit and will accommodates two rocker mount switches.

  • Configuration
    2 way full range, Dash Mount
  • Crossover Type: 12dB Butterworth Internal
    Smooth transition from high to lower frequencies remain musical and not harsh or distorted.
  • .75 inch Pure Titanium Dome Tweeter
    Very smooth musical response, high output with minimal required amplifier power.
  • Natural Butyl Rubber
    Remains musical in all weather. Does not stiffen in cold.
  • 5.25 inch Composite Poly Midrange
    The composite poly cone provides sharp deep bass while remaining waterproof.
  • Coil and Coil Former
    High Temperature Copper Coil mounted on a Kapton former offer superior heat dissipation to avoid distortion in the critical mid range/mid bass frequencies.
  • Midrange Spider Design
    Water resistant spider with woven fibers to stabilize the cone and voice coil in all musical situations.
  • Front and Rear Venting
    Air passes through the spider and back plate to exchange air over the voice coil.
  • Tinsel Leads Silicone Jacket
    Silicone jacketed, extra flexible leads for strength and durability.
  • Composite ABS and glass fiber frame
    Composites add strength to the frame without adding distortions or harmonics that can affect the tonal quality of the speaker.
  • High Energy Y36 Motor assembly
    High energy strontium ferrite magnet for higher output with minimal amplifier power.
  • Waterproof Connectors
    Kawasaki specific connector to secure electrical connections and remain waterproof.
  • Composite Grills
    UV treated against sun fade and waterproof.
  • Composite Adaptors (2), Top of Dash
    High temperature composite adaptors secure the speakers to the machine and aide in assuring deep bass. Fully waterproof.


Part #: 99994-1186 | SKU: 806576229223 | Category: UTV & RZR Tuned Audio
More info in development & coming soon!


Part #: 99994-1186 | SKU: 806576229223 | Category: UTV & RZR Tuned Audio
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Easy Installation of Hifonics MULE MX Audio System

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