The Side by Side (SXS) enthusiasts that came to Moab, UT have declared this year’s event, sponsored by Discount Tire, as the best yet. Not surprisingly, with the unveiling of THOR – it was also voted the loudest event ever, thanks to the Hifonics booth.

Thor is the latest God to be attached to a Hifonics audio product. Thor products are specially designed for the marine and powersports applications because they are waterproof and built proof*.

We also put out a bit of a teaser regarding some additional new marine speakers, amplifiers and compression horns – these will be available later in the year, watch our blog for more on that.

Thor compression drivers deliver unbelievable SPL with huge bass response. Designed for marine and off road applications.

Thor amplifiers are nice compact for powersports and marine applications.

Thor compression driver technology will also be applied to a

2 way non-tower application – perfect for boats of all sizes plus SxS and UTV’s.

Now, back to the sound bars.

Thor sound bars come in two different models. Thor TPS6 is the six speaker system that uses 6 drivers while the TPS10 utilizes 10 speakers.


Thor PowerSPORTS TPS10

For the Rally On The Rocks, our Hifonics set up had a long, steady line of music fiends checking out our new Thor Soundbars. These things continue to impress. First of all, everyone agreed, they are the loudest sound bar system they have ever heard, or compared. We heard pretty consistently…

“My system SUCKS. I need something new!”

Or, this…

“I have this huge (brand xyz) sound bar and yours is half the size, and it sounds twice as loud – WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?”

Well, Hifonics has been designing amps and speakers for more than 30 years. This isn’t really a hobby for us*. We know what we are doing and invent new technology when its needed. For Thor sound bars, it was needed. That is the essence behind SUPER HPD (High Power Digital) Technology.

Someone spread a rumor we were doing drive-thru installs.

Not true, but flattered by the line

SUPER HPD is just one of our efficiency secrets that push our sound bars well past the normal watts/power measurements. By engineering high power, digital full range D-Class amplifier designs with impedance balanced hyper efficient drivers; these Thor sound bars are incredibly loud.

Hifonics unique SUPER HPD (High Power Digital) amplifier is designed specifically for powersports applications to deliver 30% more SPL over standard car audio technology.

AMP & SPEAKER HYBRID POWER DESIGN – As we have described, the secret to Hifonics groundbreaking achievement in SPL was to stop thinking about the amp watt+ speaker impedance = power equation the same way.

With Thor and the SUPER HPD (High Power Digital) Technology, engineers can think outside the standard model by changing the formula and re-imagining the electrical connections between amplifier and speaker. Then to dissipate more heat, add more aluminum to the heatsink.

Here’s the simple layout of how SUPER HPD (High Power Digital) works:

High efficiency digital technology amplifier + Impedance balanced HYPER efficient speakers + 30% additional heat sink mass = 30% Improvement in SPL and reliability

As mentioned above, an additional 30% of aluminum helps the amplifier disperse plenty of heat. Again, we see the brilliant design philosophy allows the Thor line to develop more power in a similar space as our competitors. The extra benefit is improved reliability due to less heat being trapped in the amplifier output devices.

This customer was ready to put the Thor in his RZR with these Pro Armor pods early on Friday morning after being on the trails.

So, all that helps us be loud. That was easy. But, loud is only part of a great music system. Sound quality and features are essential too, so check out this list from our engineering design requirement sheets.

WATERPROOF – IPX68 certified for water and dust. The only way to go for a marine and Powersports product from Hifonics.

MARINE CERTIFIED – IPX68 is only part of the equation when engineering products for marine applications. All Thor products are certified by the American Boat & Yacht Council for marine applications.  

INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER – New from our Hifonics engineers is the SUPER HPD Technology. Specially designed to balance high efficiency digital amplifier output with impedance balanced

HYPER efficient speakers which creates an insanely loud system that achieves more SPL than any other sound bars available today.

TWEETERS – Two, one inch pure titanium dome tweeters with Neodymium magnets for intense SPL and high power handling

FULL RANGE – High hyper efficiency drivers with poly cones and butyl rubber surrounds. Four drivers on TPS6 and eight drivers on the TPS10.

BLUETOOTH – Bluetooth pairing is simple. Thor uses Secure Simple Pairing to keep a strong and secure connection. Range is 32 feet or 10 meters

ILLUMINATION – Nine colors can be selected to change the illumination the match your machine or two different light “shows” modes can be selected.

Check out the colors:

SOLID CONSTRUCTION & ALUMINUM – An extruded aluminum housing holds the entire design together making for a very strong superstructure.

Additionally, as mentioned above, an additional 30% of aluminum helps the amplifier to disperse plenty of heat. This is instantly noticeable when you realize there is more weight to Thor when compared to the others. Thor “feels” substantial and high quality.

INPUT/OUTPUTS – Input jack is 3.5mm to run direct from the headphone output of a device plus there is a 2 volt output with standard RCA jacks to run to future Thor audio devices like amplifiers or powered compression horns.

HEAVY DUTY GRILL – The heavy gauge grill will keep the speakers and tweeters safe from flying debris on the trail.

MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED – Roll cage mounting for 1.5 / 1.75 and 2 inch pipe as well as surface mount brackets are included.

The Thor Soundbar, TPS10, mounted with a custom mounting system.  

Check out all the details on the updated Thor Sound Bar page on   


Quadna Mud Nationals in June in Hill City, MN – we have MORE surprises coming from Hifonics and the Thor Powersports line. Get on the newsletter sign up so you will know what is going on for the event.

*It started as a hobby for all of us. Now it is a full blown career. Engineering great products for people that are nuts for loud music just like us. Greatest job ever!

**Bulletproof is a colloquialism. While Thor products are built to last in the harsh environment of marine and Powersports applications, they are not actually bulletproof and should not be worn as property or personal body armor.

Nope, no Thor for you guys…   yet.