Marine Amplifiers

An audio system in a boat is essential. Rule #1 – The boat must float. Rule #2 – The audio system needs to be loud! It has to be heard over the engine, at the end of the ski rope and on the beach when lashed together with the other boats over 4th of July Weekend.


Hifonics THOR Marine Amplifiers have all the features for a flexible system design and power to spare. These amps can run everything from a fishing boat to a multi-zone vessel with a cabin system, a wake tower system and a captain's house.


Check out the full line of TMA and start improving the sound of your summer now!

TMA amplifiers incorporate Hifonics Super A/B Class™ full range and Super D-Class™ mono subwoofer amplifier technology.
Similar to the best amplifiers in the Hifonics line up, the SUPER AMPS, THOR marine and powersports amplifiers use powerful and efficient transformers with audiophile grade capacitors and resistors. Electrical components are both through-hole and surface mount pieces that are all secured to double sided military grade glass resin epoxy circuit boards with beefed up copper traces. This ensures high voltage can pass through the circuit with minimal distortion in the signal path.
Nautic Subwoofers
Twin turbo Toroidal power supplies in a Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET design assure that car voltage is maximized from the battery through to the output MOSFET devices.
Nautic Subwoofers
The THOR Marine amplifiers also utilize Rock solid Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET outputs which are selected by the Hifonics engineers to be balanced for superior power output. This keeps the power smooth even during demanding peaks in the music.
THOR Marine amplifiers have built in equalizers to fine tune the system with variable frequency adjustment, level control and bass EQ active at 45hz while in LP/BP operation. The 5 channel and the 6 channel models (TMA-800.5 and TMA1000.6) also feature a bass remote to control the lower frequencies of the system, right at your fingertips.
The THOR Marine five channel and six channel amplifiers include a bass remote to put the bass control at arm’s length. The amplifiers protection condition is indicated by blue illumination for normal operation, and red indicating a short being present and requiring the attention of an installer.
THOR Marine amplifiers also incorporate the following Hifonics technology:
  • Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET - Produces high power with minimal distortion
  • Low Noise Pre Amplifier - Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion
  • Gold-plated RCA inputs - Gold-Plated RCA jacks create best connection and resist corrosion
  • Multi-Mode - 4 channel & bridged mono operation allows flexible installation for amplifiers to run in either two-channel or bridged mono mode
  • Variable Electronic - Electronic crossovers allow for complete control of the sound
  • High Grade Aluminum - Heavy duty non-corrosive aluminum alloy heat-sink allows amplifiers to quickly dissipate heat while producing maximum power
  • 4-Way System Protection Circuitry - Monitor thermal, overload, DC, and speaker short protection with lighted indicators on the amplifier end panel
  • Illuminated Logo - The Hifonics logo illuminates when the amplifier is powered on
Conformal Coating
All Hifonics THOR Marine amplifiers are ABYC & ASTM certified (which define that powersports and marine amplifiers must use conformal coated PC boards to resist corrosion from salt spray and moisture.) Additionally, the PC boards are mounted in a “non-corrosive” aluminum heatsink. All of these engineering efforts make certain that your amplifier is ready for the elements.
Outdoor Living
All THOR Powersports and Marine products (amplifiers, speakers, source units – we mean ALL) have been tested to be protected against the elements. Water, dust, mud, and vibrations are all part of the marine and powersports climate in which these products will be operating. You can be confident that with the TMA amplifiers, your system will be on the water for years!
To build onto your THOR marine amplifiers and design a true power sports system worthy of the GODS, choose from the following categories to complete your system:

Marine Amplifiers

  1. TMA-1000.6 Amplifier : Six Channel Marine Amplifier

    Hifonics 1000 watt six channel marine amplifier. All 6 channels are full range ⇒ Details & Images

  2. TMA-800.5 Amplifier : Five channel marine amplifier

    Hifonics 800 watt five channel marine amplifier with 5th channel dedicated to subwoofer, bass remote included ⇒ Details & Images

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Maxxsonics Factory Specials