Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, but the first sign that you know how to design a car audio system. It is also the Latin name for the constellation meaning “twins.” Big power, sound quality and onboard signal processing are designed to power a great system, especially when used in tandem. Choose a four channel amplifier to power mids and highs with a big mono amp for subwoofers. The new Gemini line is part of the Elite 35th Anniversary offering from Hifonics. The Gemini utilizes the newest technology in the Hifonics family, Super D-Class mono amplifiers and Super A/B Class amplifiers for full range 2 channel and 4 channel models. As pointed out in the warning, Elite products are designed for prestigious Hifonics dealers only. Never buy an Elite amplifier from a website or online auction, these dealers are NON-AUTHORIZED and they will not help you with tech support or customer service. We cannot assist you without an authorized purchase receipt. Additionally, Elite amplifiers purchased from non-authorized outlets, do NOT have a warranty. Check the dealer list for an Elite dealer near you.

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The GEX line is made up of a two channel model, 3 four-channel models, and 4 mono subwoofer models including the powerful GEX-3500.1D which delivers 3500 watts at 1 ohm.


The Gemini (GEX) amplifiers feature:

  • Hifonics High Fidelity Super A/B Class Circuit Designs
  • Super D Class Mono Circuit Designs
  • Simpatico coil design (SPC) Ultra-Fi Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET power supply
  • LED power (green) and protect (red) indicators
  • Tiffany Connectors
  • 35th Anniversary Heat Sink Design
  • Bass Remote Included


Speakers & Subwoofer Choices

Hifonics amplifiers are designed to integrate into any system; they perform at their best when coupled with Hifonics speakers and Hifonics subwoofers


Titan & Brutus Subwoofers

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