Brutus BRX

Brutus, or BRX as those close to the gods call it, is all Go & Show. If your system is going to be shown at car shows and other competitions, take a very close look at the Brutus BRX. With an illuminated Hifonics logo, plus the lighted connectors and blue wash of light from the underside of the heatsink, even from a distance judges and friends will know, your system defines Power From The Gods. Brutus BRX is packed with features to enhance sound quality and power.



NGSD Next Generation Super D-Class™ - Hifonics has perfected the latest in NGSD digital chip technology to provide you with an extremely efficient, low temperature, high amplification system that others only dream about. There are several options for installation and the mono Next Generation Super D-Class Brutus amplifiers can run at 1,2 or 4-Ohm as well, for an even tighter bass response!
Super A/B Class™ - Developed for the flagship Mt. Olympus amplifiers, Super A/B Class™ is shared by the Brutus BRX and the Brutus Elite line. The perfect sound quality design for the stereo amplifiers to match the NEXT GEN Super-D.


NEW for 2017 is the new top of the line 4,000 watt BRX-4016.1D. That is 4K of Super D-Class POWER FROM THE GODS.
4K Super-D Class


Bass Control
In the signal path on the new 4K Brutus BRX the engineers have utilized the unique ParaQ™ circuit designed for the SUPER AMPS. This innovative circuitry allows full parametric control of the bass equalizer which can be controlled by the diagnostic bass remote.
Signal Control
The ParaQ™ Controls allow a center frequency adjustment of 30hz up to 100hz with a 0 to 10dB boost. The width of the frequency can also be adjusted from a very narrow range to very wide range. As an example you might focus on 32hz only – or a wide adjustment, where 40hz is the “center” frequency, but adjustments are made from 35 to 45hz. ParaQ™ delivers the most control of bass frequencies available from Hifonics.


Inside Amp
Inside Brutus Amplifiers
Similar to the SUPER AMPS, the Brutus amplifiers use powerful and efficient transformers and audiophile grade capacitors and resistors. Electrical components are both through-hole and surface mount pieces that are all secured to double sided military grade glass resin epoxy circuit boards with beefed up copper traces. This ensures high voltage can pass through the circuit with minimal distortion in the signal path.


T3 Power Supply
Hifonics T3 (Twin Turbo Toroid) power supply torroids in a Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET power supply designs assure that car voltage is maximized from battery through to output Ultra-Fi™ output devices.


MOFSET Outputs
Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET
Brutus BRX amplifiers also utilize Rock solid Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET outputs which are selected by the Hifonics engineers to be balanced for power output. This keeps power smooth even during demanding peak in the music.


Brutus BRX amplifiers incorporate the following technology:
  • Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET - Produces high power with minimal distortion
  • Low Noise Pre Amplifier - Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion
  • Nickel-plated RCA inputs - Nickel-Plated RCA jacks create the most effiecient audio connection and resist corrosion
  • Multi-Mode - 2 channel & bridged mono operation allows flexible installation for amplifiers to run in two-channel or bridged mono mode
  • Variable Electronic - Electronic crossovers allow for complete control of the sound
  • High Grade Aluminum - Heavy duty aluminum alloy heat-sink allows amplifier to quickly dissipate heat while producing maximum power
  • 4-Way System Protection Circuitry - Monitor thermal, overload, DC, and speaker short protection with lighted indicators on the amplifier end panel
  • Illuminated Logo - The Hifonics logo illuminates when the amplifier is powered on


Bass Remote
Bass Remote
All Mono and five channel amplifiers include a bass remote to put the bass control at arm’s length. The amplifiers protection condition is also shown by blue illumination for normal operation and red for a short being present and requires the attention of an installer.


The engineers at Hifonics are proud to offer the famous Brutus line with this wide selection of full range, multi-channel and mono car audio amplifiers – including the brand new BRX-4016.1D.



Brutus BRX

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