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The 35th Anniversary of Power From The Gods and Hifonics are celebrated with throwback competition amplifiers. CTA certified RMS amplifiers designed around three models engineered to create the perfect system design. A Large Ultra D-Class™ Dual Mono, a standard Super D-Class™ mono and a four channel Super A/B Class™.
Hifonics 35th Anniversary


The entire line up is designed with an old school heatsink that harkens back to the beginning of the car audio revolution, but now Hifonics boss has twisted and squeezed the engineers to deliver new technology and features that make these SUPER AMPS the best money and man can design.

Here is the break down.


Colossus™ 35th Anniversary
The Colossus™ celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Hifonics with a CTA certified super amp. The Colossus™ uses the Hifonics engineer’s technology, Ultra D Class™ in a Dual Mono block subwoofer amplifier that will deliver 3400 watts RMS.

Here is the break down.


Colossus™ Dual Mono Ultra –D-Class™
The Colossus™ represents Hifonics best signal processing and control features designed for a big mono amplifier. Key among them is the Dual Mono Ultra D-Class™ topology which helps the Colossus™ develop huge power while minimizing voltage strain. The “Dual” means there are literally two amplifiers in one heat sink for system designs that need to develop large power without giving up additional space.

Here is the break down.


Inside Amp
Inside the SUPER AMPS
The Colossus™, Goliath and Helios use powerful and efficient transformers and audiophile grade capacitors and resistors. Electrical components are both through-hole and surface mount pieces that are all secured to double sided military grade glass resin epoxy circuit boards with beefed up copper traces. This ensures high voltage can pass through the circuit with minimal distortion in the signal path.


Twin turbo power supply torroids in a Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET power supply design assure that car voltage is maximized from battery through to output MOSFET devices.


MOFSET Outputs
All the Hifonics 35th Anniversary SUPER AMPLIFIERS utilize Rock solid Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET outputs which are selected by the Hifonics engineers to be balanced for power output. This keeps power smooth even during demanding peak in the music.


Signal Control
In the signal path, Colossus™ uses the unique ParaQ™ circuit allowing full parametric control of the bass equalizer which can be controlled by the diagnostic bass remote.


Controls allow from a center frequency of 30hz up to 100hz with a 0 to 10dB boost with the width of the frequency to be adjusted from very narrow. As an example you might focus on 32hz only – or a wide adjustment, where with 40 as the “center” frequency, adjustments are made from 35 to 45hz. ParaQ™ delivers the most control of bass frequencies than any amplifier ever designed by Hifonics engineers. Read the white paper from Hifonics engineers about ParaQ™ (coming soon!).


Large Power
Large Power / Large Ground
The Colossus™ is a Dual Mono Ultra D-Class™ amplifier. This means getting amperage from your electrical system and a solid ground are critical. Hifonics engineers assure that Colossus™ can accommodate 1 O/T for power and ground. This feature allows more current to get into the amplifier with the ability to establish an equal ground.


Rounding out the features are a variable subsonic and low pass electronic filters as well as Phase Shift and adjustable voltage from 9Volts to 0.2 Volts.




Goliath 35th Anniversary
The Goliath uses the same Super D-Class™ circuit topology, but in a traditional mono design. Perfect for system designs where big clean power is needed without the additional size of the Colossus.
Hifonics 35th Anniversary


Short Path
The SUPER AMPS have been designed with an audiophile style “direct signal path” philosophy. This challenges the Hifonics engineers to focus on the features that develop power and signal control without adding extraneous features.


Goliath Super D-Class™ Mono Block
Goliath is a traditional mono amplifier designed around Hifonics Super D-Class™ topology. Similar to Colossus in design, the Goliath allows Multiple mono amplifiers to be strapped together utilizing the Master/Slave feature to create a large subwoofer system that will well exceed 6000 watts RMS.


Signal Path
The signal path for Goliath uses the same ParaQ™ circuit to control the bass equalization. Colossus, Goliath and Helios offer an additional output set of RCA jacks to eliminate the need for splitter cables. Again, the Hifonics engineers try and eliminate the additional signal paths that can affect sound quality by raising distortion levels.




Helios 35th Anniversary
Rounding out the trio of Super Amps is the Helios. The same power efficiency of the larger amplifiers but specifically engineered into four channels of Super A/B Class™ technology to add an incredible sound quality standard while providing enough power to upper frequencies to perfectly balance a full system using a large mono subwoofer amplifer.
Hifonics 35th Anniversary


Helios Super A/B Class™
Helios is a very special amplifier. The same Short Path philosophy applies, but being a four channel amplifier, designed to balance the muscle of the Colossus or Goliath, requires some unique circuit designs. First, this is a four channel Super A/B Class™ circuit topology. That means, sound quality comes first but, the power must be as efficient as the Ultra D-Class™ and Super D-Class™ Amplifiers.


Mode Switch
Notice the MODE switch, this allows for 2 Channel or 4 channel operation with the amplifier easily bridgeable or operated in three channel mode.


Equalization X1 or X10 Switching
When designing systems at this level, control can be the most helpful tool from engineering. Look closely at the setting on the Helios. The X10 and X1 switch allows the channel 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 to increase the frequency chosen by a factor of 10 or 1.


If the adjustment is set at 500hz and the switch is set at X1 that is 500Hz. With the adjustment in the same position and the X10 switch engaged, the crossover point is moved from 500Hz to 5kHz or 5,000 Hz. This creates a wealth of unique adjustments for the amplifier when used to power mid and tweeter components or perhaps only tweeters and midrange drivers.


Bass Control
Bass Control
Because it is so versatile in system design and installation, the Helios has also been designed to operate with the same HFR-G1 Bass remote, typically reserved for mono amplifiers only. However, on SUPER AMPS the remote works on the entire line.


For the 4 channel Helios, CH 3 and 4 having their own EQ and Frequency controls means increased flexibility when running in 3 channel mode. Additionally, the amplifier’s status is presented up front on the control panel showing the 4-way protection circuitry; thermal, overload, DC, and speaker short protection.


Super Amps

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  3. Helios Super Amplifier : 4 x 150 watt 4 ch Super-A/B

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