X-Over, Equalizer, Enhancement

  • 2 channel or 4 channel X-Over with 8.5 volt line driver
  • Select 2- or 4-channel inputs with input switch
  • Direct sub-in receivers with sub-outs 0 – 12dB bass boost at bass remote
  • Maximum pre-amp output: 8.5v RMS45Hz bass boost w/ quasi-parametric EQ
  • Selectable for mono or stereo woofers
  • 180° phase-shift switch
  • Second order Butterworth front and rear channel high-pass
  • Level adjustments for front, rear and sub channels
  • 2-channel full-range RCA preamp Cascading output
  • ½ DIN ISO mount chassis 4 band EQ w/9 volt line driver
  • 4-band equalizer with +18dB variable
  • Master volume and subwoofer volume control
  • Front to rear dual-amp fader
  • 2-audio inputs with level matching
  • Selectable 12dB high-pass front / rear crossover
  • Selectable 12dB low-pass sub output
  • Selectable for mono or stereo

BXiPro 1.0 & BXiPro 2.0
Digital Bass Enhancement Processors

Bass Driver: The BXiPRO contains a Bass Driver circuit that an accurately recreates and injects Low frequency information back into the signal path. What that means in everyday terms in everyday terms is that the BASS BOOSTER will give more bass impact to your best compact discs or even your old tapes.

BXiPro 1.0
Digital Bass Enhancement Processor
BXiPro 2.0
Same features as the BXiPro 1.0 but with additional features of input noise reduction circuitry and master volume on the unit plus illuminated controls

HFEQ Equalizer

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HFEQ Equalizer

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Part#: HFEQ


4-Band Equalizer with 9V Line-Driver & Multiple-Source Processor

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4-Band Equalizer with 9-Volt Line-Driver and Multiple-Source Signal Processor.

Category: X-Over, Equalizer, Enhancement
SKU: 806576213901
Part #: HFEQ

Features & Benefits
  • Half-DIN, 4-Band preamp EQ with front/rear active crossover features
  • Line Driver circuit delivers 9-volts of preamp level signal through the RCA's
  • Audio input selector for switching between headunit and another audio source
  • Input level controls for both the car radio and any media device to insure identical volume levels
  • Master volume control of the SPL-Level for both sound sources
  • Front to rear dual-amp fader
  • 2-Audio inputs with level matching
  • Selectable 12dB high-pass crossover and low-pass sub output
  • Selectable for mono or stereo subwoofer setups
  • 45Hz sub-bass control
  • 120Hz mid-bass control

  • Equalizer Bands
    4 band
  • Equalizer Frequencies
    45 - 12000 Hz
  • Built-in Crossover
    Low-pass (LP), High-pass (HP)
  • Line Driver
  • Total Number of Inputs
  • Total Number of Outputs
  • Signal Boost/Cut
    12 dB
  • Max Output Level
    9 volts
  • Frequency Response
    10 - 50000 Hz
  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    100 dB

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