Bass Driver
The Hifonics Digital Bass Restoration (HDBR) processor contains a Bass Driver circuit that accurately recreates and injects Low Frequency information back into the signal path. What that means in everyday terms is that this Signal Processor will give more bass impact to your best compact discs and even your lowest quality recordings.

Bass Equalization Circuit
The HDBR has a unique equalization circuit that contours the restored bass to your speaker systems.

Dash Mount Remote Control
Our unit comes with a Dash Mountable Remote Control that allows you to enjoy the effects of the processed signal without having to leave the drivers seat. The dash mount control has an LED indicator that will glow brighter as you add more bass or dimmer when you decrease it.

Bass Maxximizer Indicator
Not only does the HDBR provide good music to your ears, but it also gives you some visual enjoyment as well. On the chassis of the processor there are three LED indicators that flash when the bass maxximization circuit is activated.

Bass Output Control
The HDBR has the ability to produce large amounts of deep, ear blowing bass without damaging your speakers. The Bass Output Control circuit allow the Hifonics Digital Bass Restoration processor to maxximize the bass output of any autosound audio system while restraining destructive bursts.


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