With the anticipation of the Hifonics Brutus X14 amplifiers, Hifonics announces a new line of speakers, the Hercules line of speakers feature all key speaker SKU’s.

► Full Line of Speakers

► Silk and Mylar Domed Tweeters

► 12dB Passive Crossovers

Known for developing powerful amplifiers and subwoofers, Hifonics has announced a comprehensive line of coaxial and three way speakers. The new Hercules line of speakers are designed to handle the power of the small to medium sized Hifonics amplifiers. When matched with a Hifonics subwoofers the Hifonics Hercules full range speakers are a perfect companion to a high performance audio system.

► Available in 3.5”, 4×6”, 5×7/6×8”, 6.5”, 6×9 (3-way) and 6.5” Component

“The Hercules speakers were designed after huge customer demand. Not every customer wants a giant system, especially for a second car. Now, with Hercules speakers, a modest power system can have great speakers too.” – Armando Triana, Master MECP Installer and Maxxsonics Technical Specialist

The Hercules speakers are designed with Silk and Mylar Domed Tweeters including flush, surface and angle mount tweeter accessories. The component system features an external 12 dB Passive Crossover.

Specifications and Pricing:

Model HS35CX HS46CX HS5768CX HS65CX HS693 HS6.2C
Size / Type 3.5″ Coax 4X6″ Coax 5 x 7″/6 X 8″ Coax 6.5″ Coax 6 x 9″


6.5″ Component
Power Handling RMS 30 40 50 45 65 50
Power Handling MAXX 120 150 180 170 250 190
Impedance 4-Ohm 4-Ohm 4-Ohm 4-Ohm 4-Ohm 4-Ohm
Sensitivity 89dB 90dB 90dB 90dB 89dB 90dB
Frequency Response 48Hz – 20KHz 48Hz – 21KHz 48Hz – 20KHz 48Hz – 21KHz 45Hz – 20KHz 46Hz – 21KHz
Crossover Frequency 3.5KHZ 3.5KHZ 3.5KHZ 3.5KHZ 3.5KHZ 3.5KHZ
Crossover Slope 6/12dB 6/12dB 6/12dB 6/12dB 6/12dB 6/12dB
MSRP $ 39.99 $ 44.99 $ 49.99 $ 79.99 $ 59.00 $ 79.99

Learn more about the Hifonics Hercules speakers at www.Hifonics.com