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Hifonics, known for decades to produce the Power From The Gods, now brings the Hammer of THOR down on audio specifically designed for Marine and Powersports applications.
The line of Compression Horns and Speakers feature UHS (ultra-high sensitivity) Technology, an industry first Coincident Mounted Compression Horn designed to deliver inhumane amounts of SPL while distributing a full range of frequencies.
The clear advantage of these horn speakers is their ability to produce about 5dB more sound than a traditional cone speaker from a given amplifier output. That is a huge benefit on the water or the trails!
The new THOR ultra-high sensitivity (UHS) speakers create a single point source with a unified magnetic structure allowing all musical energy across the frequency band to come from a single focal point within the transducer. This dramatically improves the directionality of the speaker system while the design of the compression horn improves SPL.
With minimal amplification, these Hifonics UHS technology drivers can produce 92dB from a 6.5 inch and 95dB from the 8-inch driver. By blending the benefits of a shortened horn design with our thermal formed woofer cones your music has never been this clean, clear and loud!
In this cut-a-way view, you can see all of the elements that make up the THOR compression horn system. Key among these unique features is the Acoustic Lens.

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This unique technology allows Hifonics compression horn to produce full, rich, professional studio monitor sound quality. The unique perforations in the compression speaker waveguide have been engineered by size and spacing of those perforations to allow midrange frequencies to pass through the waveguide while at the same time remaining firm to effectively guide the high frequency waves from the compression driver. This technology also eliminates shadowing which can occur from high SPL standard cones and creates a waveguide for emitted frequencies of the compression driver improving SPL and the sound stage.
The very compact but powerful hard ferrite magnets made of strontium carbonate make up the motor assembly which allows the diaphragm within the compression driver to develop its power.
Controlling the power of the compression horn woofer requires a very linear suspension. The compression horn woofer uses a powerful Butyl rubber surround (IIR - Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber) and spider to create a Compliance Accurate Linear Suspension. This system allows the lower frequencies to remain very musical, regardless of the volume they are pushed to achieve.
Yes, the enclosure looks great, but there is science behind this design. The enclosure is engineered to minimize the enclosures ability to add any tones, distortions or other harmonics that can cloud the sound of the music coming from the compression horn.
Look closely and you can see the aluminum mount from the wake tower or roll cage is not screwed to the composite enclosure; there is a steel reinforcing plate that allows the system to be secured to a steel mount. That allows THOR to handle the roughest rides on a boat or an off-road vehicle.
Mounting hardware for 1.5 inch pipes to 2.75 inch included
The ingenious mounting actually reduces the height that the enclosure will hang down from the pipe. Nearly a full inch is saved with this reduced height mounting configuration. Now, you can install an 8 inch speaker pod where before only a 6.5 inch might have fit. Bigger speakers means more music.
Hifonics compression horns and speakers use a unique illumination that creates a glow, versus a hard light. Selectable blue or red to match up to your sound bars, or you can turn them off for a more chillaxed setting around the camp ground.
Centering Ring    
The unique Hifonics enclosure has a hidden centering ring for adjusting the horizon of your speaker grill. This feature allows the compression horns speaker component to roll left or right or 180 degrees when mounted on an angle. Simply remove the 4 screws with a hand tool, gently remove the driver, being cautious of the waterproof seal and the cables. Then turn your grill until your logos are level, then re-mount the speaker – DONE. Now, you are a mortal ambassador of straight logos to the Gods, help those in the field that don’t read instruction manuals.
For those more difficult installations, you may need to get the optional swivel mount. This mount allows your speaker enclosure to rotate up or down 180 degrees. With our Transverse Mounting design, each speaker can rotate in opposite directions.
To create the perfect system for the compression horns choose from the following THOR categories to power your system:

Compression Horns

  1. TPS-CXSP65 Compression Horn Speaker : 6.5 inch wake tower Compression Horn Speaker in a compact enclosure. Pair (black)

    6.5 inch Wake Tower Compression Horn Speaker in a reinforced compact enclosure. Includeds mounting hardware. Pair (black) ⇒ Details & Images

  2. SR1-120RGB LED Ring Light : 8 inch RGB LED Ring Light

    The SR1-120RGB ring light features 16 different colors that include 88 brightness variation of colors in between. ⇒ Details & Images

  3. SR1-116RGB LED Ring Light : 6.5 inch RGB LED Ring Light

    The SR1-116RGB 6.5 inch ring light features 16 different colors that include 8 brightness variation of colors in between. ⇒ Details & Images

  4. SWVL-1B Swivel Mount : Swivel Mount Hifonics tower speakers

    Swivel Mount for all Hifonics wake tower speakers. Single Unit (Black) ⇒ Details & Images

  5. N2-RC Remote Control : Wireless RF LED Controller

    The N2-RC remote controls the illumination for all SR1-RGB LED light rings. The number of light rings controllable is limitless within range. ⇒ Details & Images

  6. TPS-CP80 Compression Horn Speaker : 8 inch wake tower Compression Horn Speaker Each (black)

    Hifonics, two way 8 inch Wake Tower Compression Horn Speaker with poly cone, each. Includes mounting hardware (Black) ⇒ Details & Images

    Out of stock

  7. TPS-CX80 Illuminated 2 Way Compression Horn Speaker : 8 inch Compression Horn Speaker Illuminated Pair (black)

    Hifonics, two way 8 inch Illuminated Compression Horn Speaker with poly cone, each. (Pair/Black) ⇒ Details & Images

    Out of stock