Waterproof Speakers

Whether it’s your fishing boat, weekend pontoon, or ORV – bring your sound along with Hifonics. Whatever the need, Hifonics Marine and Powersports speakers are perfect. A Pure Titanium Dome tweeter and 6.5 inch poly cone means you will get plenty of power and great sound. It also means that you will be 100% protected against the elements.
  • Marine Certified / Waterproof - Longer life against harsh conditions. Protected against sun fade with UVA paint coating
  • .75" Pure Titanium Dome Tweeter - Very smooth musical response, high output with minimal required amplifier power
  • 6.5 inch Composite Poly Cone - Water resistant composite polypropylene cone with temperature stable Butyl rubber surround
  • Colors - Available in black or white
The Hifonics marine speakers are also available as a pair in the same shallow enclosure as the Hifonics compression horns. This is a great solution when you don’t have a traditional speaker mounting hole. Typically mounted on a roll cage or wake tower.
Outdoor Living
All THOR Powersports and Marine products have been tested to be protected against the elements. Water, dust, mud, and vibrations are all part of the environment in which these products will be installed. You can be confident that with TPS marine speakers, your system will pound for years!
To maximize your power even more, choose from the following categories to complete your system:

Waterproof Speakers

  1. TPS-CMS65 Waterproof Speaker : 6.5 inch wake tower marine speaker in a compact enclosure. Pair (black)

    6.5 inch Wake Tower Waterproof Speaker in a reinforced compact enclosure. Includes mounting hardware. Pair (black) ⇒ Details & Images

  2. TPS-CM65B Marine Speaker : 6.5 Inch Marine Speaker (Black)

    Black 2-way coaxial THOR Marine and Powersports speaker ⇒ Details & Images

  3. TPS-CM65W Marine Speaker : 6.5 Inch Marine Speaker (White)

    White 2-way coaxial THOR Marine and Powersports speaker ⇒ Details & Images

  4. SWVL-1B Swivel Mount : Swivel Mount Hifonics tower speakers

    Swivel Mount for all Hifonics wake tower speakers. Single Unit (Black) ⇒ Details & Images