Source Units



If YOU can be outdoors, so can THOR. Built for delivering all the modern technology and connectivity with the power you demand from Hifonics. The THOR TPS-MR1 is an AM/FM Bluetooth Source Unit with built in power and dual aux inputs and dual aux outputs to make sure you can connect to any system design you can imagine.




For installations where a full size radio/source until will not fit, Hifonics has designed the ridiculously small TPS-BT1 Bluetooth, pre-amp controller. That model comes from THOR Power Sports Bluetooth 1.



It might be your favorite controller you have ever used. The amount of control and connectivity you will have at your fingertips is shocking. Pre-amp outputs make it the perfect solution for off road vehicles, boat or custom car builds.




Create the perfect balance for your new THOR source unit with several options of waterproof components from the following categories to power your system. 

Source Units

  1. TPS-MR1 Source Unit : AM/FM Bluetooth Controller - Powered

    160 watt powered Bluetooth AM/FM gauge mount radio ⇒ Details & Images

    Not yet available

  2. TPS-BT1 Source Unit : Bluetooth Controller Pre-amplifier

    Hold mounted Bluetooth controller with joystick operation and pre-amplifier output ⇒ Details & Images

    Out of stock

  3. PSAP-2S Accessory Plug : USB/3.5mm inputs, switch mounted

    Hifonics PSAP-2S Switch Mounted, USB / 3.5mm Dual Input Waterproof Powersports Auxiliary Plug with 10 Inch USB and RCA Extension. ⇒ Details & Images

    Out of stock

  4. PSAP-2 Accessory Plug : USB/3.5mm inputs, dash mounted

    Waterproof dash mounted USB and 3.5mm input with RCA and USB extension cable. ⇒ Details & Images

    Out of stock