Powersports Amplifiers

These Hifonics THOR powersports amplifiers are packed with power. It is as if the universe used the gravitaional force of a black hole to pack the POWER FROM THE GODS into each of these singularities.


The TPS compact amplifiers feature a high efficiency full range class D design that allows Hifonics engineers to use a very small footprint on each amplifier in order to make a lot of power. These amplifiers are perfect for installation in applications where size matters. Each of the 4 compact amplifiers in the THOR PS line features a detachable wire harness that simplifies installation in tight spaces. Simply wire it up then plug it in!


Although these amps are small in size, they’re big on power - 2 ohm stable means more power to your speakers. In terms of features, there is no shortage of controls to dial in your system and plenty of power on hand to satisfy the demands of nearly any speaker.


The TPS line series also offers a 5 channel amplifier (TPS-600.5), which allows four full range speakers or tower speakers to be run off the four full range channels. Then, the 5th channel is left to power only the subwoofer. This creates a very simple, compact yet powerful installation. 

All THOR Powersports and Marine products have been tested to be protected against the elements. Water, dust, mud, and vibrations are all part of the world in which these products will be installed. You can be confident that with the TPS amplifiers, your system will pound for years!
Nautic Subwoofers
System Controls
The five models of amplifiers are full of features to make installation simple including plenty of equalization and bass boost controls. Additionally, the mono and 5 channel amplifiers include a bass remote to allow quick adjustment to the lower frequencies at an arms length.


Nautic Subwoofers
Class D Power
The THOR powerssports amplifiers utilizes a Full Range Class D, high effeciency/high power technology to deliver maximum wattage. With this focus on engineering, big sound while remaining very musical in a compact chassis is the result.


Nautic Subwoofers
Massive Heatsink
Even with big power, the heavy duty extruded aluminum heatsink will keep the amplifier cool and prevent heat robbing distortions from ruining the music.


Conformal Coating
All Hifonics THOR amplifiers are ASTM certified which defines that powersports and marine amplifiers must use conformal coated PC boards to resist corrosion from salt spray & moisture.

To build onto your TPS amplifiers and design a true power sports system, worthy of the GODS, choose from the following waterproof, high performamce product categories to complete your system:

Powersports Amplifiers

  1. TPS-A600.5 Amplifier : Five Channel Powersports Amplifier

    Hifonics THOR compact Five Channel, 600 watt Powersports amplifier ⇒ Details & Images

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