RideNow Powersports (Chandler) created an awesome, custom build of the 2019 Polaris® RZR XP® 4 Turbo S Velocity. Installed within this beast is the Polaris® RZR® Tuned Audio Package: FIVE SPEAKER 1000-Watt STAGE 5 AUDIO SYSTEM from Hifonics. Colby Boeser, Custom Build Specialist, is in charge of all these cool builds (feel free to call him at RideNow for a custom RZR build).

The finished build turned out to be amazing, installed with the booming Hifonics STAGE 5 AUDIO SYSTEM. RideNow Powersports continued loyalty and support to the Hifonics brand is GREATLY appreciated. You gals and guys ROCK…and so does your side by side.

The AM/FM, Bluetooth Source Unit
The AM/FM, Bluetooth Source Unit, featured in the middle, between the pair of front speakers ALL included with the Hifonics FIVE SPEAKER 1000-Watt STAGE 5 AUDIO SYSTEM
Pair of the rear speakers mounted to the back

More of the details and specifics of the custom build for the 2019 Polaris® RZR XP® 4 Turbo S Velocity can be found below –



72″ Width. 168 HP. 32″ Tires. 25″ Usable Travel. When the terrain is unrelenting and landscape unknown, there’s no room for pretenders.



The new RZR XP® Turbo S has been completely re-engineered to be stronger and tougher in every respect. The vehicle’s monstrous 32″ tires and massive 72″ stance have been integrated into a brand new, stronger chassis that delivers ruthless performance that can’t be stopped.



RZR XP Turbo S combines 25″ of Travel, the most in the industry, with their exclusive DYNAMIX Active Suspension to achieve unstoppable savagery as the beast eats. Gravity has finally met its match.



Inside the dark heart of the beast, surrounded by menacing new looks, the entire cockpit has been re-engineered – instinctive in nature, intuitive in control, and purposeful in detail.



Inside the dark heart of the beast, the entire cockpit has been reengineered – instinctive in nature, intuitive in control, and purposeful in detail. Beyond these comfortable confine, predatory looks. Blacked-out-highlights painted hues, and menacing LED lighting reveals the vehicle’s true primal purpose.

  • 168 HP ProStar Turbo 925
  • 72″ Width
  • 25″/25″ Usable Travel
  • WALKER EVANS® 3.0 Velocity Series Shocks
  • 32” ITP® Coyote Tires (8-Ply)
  • 16” Ground Clearance
  • Xtreme Performance Isolated True On-Demand AWD/2WD
  • G2V Light Bar (Exclusive to RideNow)
  • Custom H4 Roll Cage
  • Custom Fit Windshield
  • Trunk System
  • Roof and Rock Guard

For any more information of specifics on the vehicle just head on over HERE for a video  overview.

Front view of the beast
Close-up of the steering wheel with a photobomb from the Hifonics TPS-MR1 AM/FM, Bluetooth Source Unit

Now about that audio system…

Meet the STAGE 5 family!

The Polaris® RZR® Tuned Audio Package: FIVE SPEAKER 1000 Watt STAGE 5 AUDIO SYSTEM is packed with an AM/FM Bluetooth Source Unit, including Front/Rear Compression Horns (with enclosures), a 10-inch subwoofer (with glove box mounted enclosure), and full harnessing.

For an overview on what the system includes, click HERE or click on the thumbnail below.

Compression Horns that pioneer the VOICE OF THE GODS, present power, and produce quality (TPS-CP80 Pods / TPS-CX65 Kick Panels)

Take a look inside the world of a Hifonics Compression Horn –

TPS-CP80 Compression Horn (with enclosure)

RZR Fitments

Get ahead of the pack and gain a visual overview on what the RZR build will look like through various STAGE Kits from Hifonics. Click HERE to head over to the Fitment page on the Hifonics website or click on the thumbnail below to start testing out what STAGE Kit works best for you.

If you’re curious in learning what goes into the build of a kit onto your Polaris RZR, click HERE to receive a video demonstration on the installation showcasing a 1000-Watt STAGE 5 Kit.

But don’t just let our website do the showing and talking, read what Maxxsonics Technical Marketing Supporter Chad Marra had to say about the latest creation…FROM THE GODS.

“What sets this apart from everyone else in the competition, is that it’s the ONLY off-road RZR stage-tuned kit that offers 4 8-inch speakers in the market. The subwoofer enclosure is a ported sub tuned at 42 hertz, and it’ll give phenomenal low-end extension.”

Chad went on to say:

“Not only that, but there’s easy plug and play installation, and the subwoofer is an awesome bang for your buck. Our audio system is way less than the competition and you are getting a substantial value for not a substantial price.”

But most importantly, Chad finished with saying:

This thing is designed by an installer, FOR THE INSTALLER. We know exactly what they are thinking, what their needs are going to be, and how to assess them accordingly within the standards that the side by side community demands. It is also crucial to note that once the new audio kits come out, they will work with the 2014-2019 RZR vehicles.”

This thing is a true pillar to what defines POWER FROM THE GODS.

Below you’ll find additional pictures that showcase everything else that is included in the kit.

Prepare to be mesmerized.

TPS-MR1 AM/FM Bluetooth Source Unit
TPS-CX65 Rear Compression Horns (with enclosures / illuminated in RED, BLUE, or off)
HIF-POD Front Compression Horns (with enclosures)
The 10-inch TW10D4 subwoofer (available separately) with glove box mounted enclosure and THOR TPS-A500.2 Amplifier

This custom build measures to be a staple of what the Hifonics brand strives to stand for day in and day out…Godlike drivers demand Power From The Gods.

Below are some additional pictures from the build. Enjoy.

Back angle view looks kind of hot at 115 degrees on a photo day
View of the rear including the mounted rear speakers
Another side view
View from the top of the hood, including that beautiful G2V Light Bar (Exclusive to RideNow)
Do these tires look sweet or what?
That interior looking all nice and cozy
Another shot of the interior spotlighting the TPS-MR1 AM/FM Bluetooth Source Unit between the pair of front speakers
She’s beautiful, isn’t she?