They say everything is bigger in Texas. In this case, a special Mahindra ROXOR was upgraded with off-road accessories and a Hifonics audio system to show the MUD PEOPLE, attending Mud Nationals (Jacksonville, TX), what to expect from the new machine, Mahindra ROXOR.


The week prior to the kick off of #MUDNATS Mahindra held their first annual vehicle launch and dealer show. This was the first group of dealers (300 of them) that gathered in San Antonio, TX for the first of what will most likely be many vehicle launches and dealer presentations.

All of this planning and excitement meant that potentially hundreds of attendees could show up at Mud Nats, just to see the ROXOR put through its paces.



Roxor with Hifonics audio system


The dealers that were wrangled up in Texas are some of the top powersports dealers in the USA. There are some first-drive highlights, some dealer testimonials, and other first impressions featured in Dave McMahon’s recent article DETROIT ROXOR CITY in PowerSports Business. Some dealers even got their first “hands-on” ride in the machine at the launch event. Check out this YouTube critique by Exploring Elements.



In the POWERSPORTS BUSINESS article, you can sense the excitement from the parent company Mahindra and their dealers for something new. Everyone seems exhilarated for another manufacturer to be entering the USA powersports business. Alright, enough about San Antonio, let’s get in the mud. In the BLOG FROM THE GODS, we are all about cool builds and killer audio.

Kyle Maki, Service Manager of ROXOR Off-Road, envisioned his team showing the Mud Nats attendees something “more than stock” – a “working prototype” if you will. Kyle knew that machines were in production to be delivered to the 300 dealers in attendance at the San Antonio dealer show – he wanted ONE machine that looked and felt custom but also “over the top”.

Right after the meetings in San Antonio, the entire Mahindra ROXOR event team headed to Jacksonville. Kyle wanted to show off the build in the type of element the new owners and enthusiasts were going to drive the ROXOR in. What’s better than to get people talking? Give them the keys and get them muddy.


Roxor with Hifonics audio system

 Emily with the ROXOR event team gets ready for another mud run with the Hifonics system

Kyle and his team of partners did a great job of showing dealers and enthusiasts what accessories and audio equipment could do to the look and personality of the ROXOR.



One of the reasons the ROXOR machine has become so popular so quickly is because dealers think of it like a blank canvas. For a new customer, it’s a great base that provides unlimited potential for future upgrades.

ROXOR models can be fully customized to your liking; this unit that Kyle and the team called “The Monster” was built as if it was Kyle’s personal ROXOR.



Milton Manufacturing, neighbors and friends of Mahindra handled the heavy lifting of the build and did some of the more customized pieces like the unique Center Console, Running Board (Nerf Bars), Upgraded Doors and the Front Bumper. Fletch and Bob over at Milton really put in the extra time and energy to pull off this custom ROXOR.


Roxor doors and bumper

Custom Doors, Running Boards and Bumpers by Milton Manufacturing 

Hifonics ROXOR Custom Dash

Custom Dash with Hifonics AM/FM and Bluetooth Unit by Milton Manufacturing 


For the attitude of the build, the team had to throw down some muscle. That meant new wheels and tires featuring a BF Goodrich 33 inch KM2 with the internal suspension augmented with a Fox Racing shock upgrade. 


Roxor with BF Goodrich

ROXOR grip and suspension are augmented with BF Goodrich and Fox Racing Shocks


Roxor with Hifonics audio system, BF Goodrich and Fox Shocks


For the light bar and the breakaway side mirrors, the team chose Rigid. Some additional lighting was added to the forward facing bumpers.


Roxor with Hifonics audio system


Being ready for deep water and mud, Kyle installed a Snorkel to the ROXOR from Quadratec. Check out the other choices from Quadratec who also helped the build with the cool wheel flares.


Roxor Quadratec Hifonics Audio


The very unique rear profile is provided by ROTOPAX. They offer spot-on water and fuel storage options for ROXOR. You can see the back end of the Hifonics Compression Horns in the shot as well. 


ROXOR Hifonics Audio with ROTOPAX


Here’s a shot of the Compression Horns standing at the front of the vehicle. 


Roxor with Hifonics audio system


Here’s a close up of the compression horns from the driver’s side in Kyle’s workshop with the subwoofer enclosure visible on the deck. 


Roxor with Hifonics audio system

To rescue other off-roaders, Kyle’s team chose a Winch from Warn Industries.  

Completing the trim out of the interior are Corbeau Racing Seats with a Simpson Harness system. 


Corbeau Racing Seats ROXOR and Simpson Harness



When it came to audio, Kyle knew he wanted to upgrade. Having some friends that worked at High Lifter, Tracie Engie who managed the Mud Nats shows said, “Call the team at Maxxsonics, they can guide you through every step.” Here is a quick walk around of the ROXOR with Hifonics Audio.



Focused on the Hifonics Power From The GodsUTV Tuned Audio products Kyle got started. The first step, remove the rear mounted sound bar.

With the sound bar out of the way, this allowed us to guide Kyle in the layout of a proper audio system with the key components. The system would include a source unit for radio and Bluetooth inputs, an amplifier or two for big power, a pair of high-frequency speakers (pods) and even a subwoofer for real horsepower impact from the bass frequencies.



Think of the Source Unit as the control center for the music system. Everything starts here. Kyle chose the TPS-MR1, which is an AM/FM Bluetooth unit that features Apple Control. It also has an internal 4 channel amplifier, but in this installation, we are using the dual output RCA to send signal to the amplifiers. Here’s a video with some additional information on this unique gauge mount piece.




Component amplifiers are used to increase the volume much louder than what typical systems can produce just by connecting speakers to a radio (source unit). We use separate amplifiers since the sound does not get drowned out by the loud machine, trail noise, and even through a helmet.

Roxor with Hifonics audio system

For this ROXOR build we used a TPS-A500.2, a 500-watt two-channel amplifier, and a TPS-A500.1, a 500-watt mono amplifier for the subwoofer.


For the big power provided by the amplifier, we used the 8-inch two-way compression horns. The web page shows why these award-winning speakers are the perfect solution for off-road vehicles and you can see in this simple cut-a-way graphic that the features engineered into these speakers make them an incredible sound and really loud.



Hifonics ROXOR Compression Horns


The model number is the TPS-CP80 Compression Horns and they are louder than conventional speakers or tower pods. With the optional swivel bracket, you can tilt up and down to perfectly direct the sound to the driver and passenger.


Hifonics Compression Horns ROXOR 


Deep bass is critical in any vehicle, but in an off-road machine is as essential as making sure everything is waterproof. For this install, time was compressed so we went to our friends at A-Trend and used one of their prefabbed enclosures for a down firing shallow mount sub. Their model number is 12AME.  We find all the A-Trend enclosures are the simplest and provide the best sound when you don’t have time for custom work.


The business end of this ROXOR subwoofer if facing down. It is the Hifonics Brutus BXS Shallow Series.  They are designed to deliver high power in a very small enclosure. While they are not waterproof, the A-Trend enclosure mounts the subwoofer in a down position which helps keep water away. Gravity right?


Hifonics BXS Subwoofers



Here is a different ROXOR at #MudNats in Texas with a similar installation. This unit, however, forgoes the AM/FM in favor of a simple joystick operation Bluetooth controller from our sister brand MB Quart. The model number is N2-WBT, the amplifier is a 5 channel Hifonics (TPS-A600.5) and the subwoofer is the same. 



Some images and attitude in this blog are inspired and borrowed from the TEAM ROXOR FORUM. If you are a new ROXOR owner you should join the forum to stay up to speed on all things ROXOR.


ROXOR Team Forum


Altogether, Kyle’s prototype ROXOR with accessories and audio upgrades has the best sounding and most powerful audio system on the trails. We can only go up from here. Leave us your comments on the blog and share pictures of your ROXOR audio install and performance upgrades on Instagram and Facebook with tags of @HifonicsUSA and #Hifonics