The A&W Distributors Team

Hifonics spent a weekend showing off the new 2017 POWER FROM THE GODS gear to the team at A&W Distributors and their dealers in the Dallas, Texas area in May. Every year the A&W team host their dealers to an open house to see the new product and meet up with factory representatives from all of their vendors.

This year was the biggest show yet. Nearly 200 dealers attended, most of which do not get the time in their busy schedules to get out to SEMA or CES. Therefore, the A&W Distribution show in May each year becomes a great kick off to the season.

Dealers have been coming to the A&W Distributor Show every Spring for years.

This year, Hifonics rolled out the WALL OF BASS, packed with the BE35 Brutus line up of 35th Anniversary amplifiers and the new TITAN SUBWOOFERS.

Sam Dattalo, National Sales Managers for Maxxsonics said, “Maher and Maged Awad are passionate about their business and more importantly for Maxxsonics, they are committed to helping their dealers become more successful. It’s great to get out and see all they are doing in their territory.”

Dealers came from all over the territory to see new products and check out the

Hifonics Polaris Ranger, showing off Powersports and Brutus Elite Amplifiers.

The Hifonics WALL OF BASS provides dealers with several excellent demos for enthusiasts, dealer owners and installers of the new #TITAN subwoofers. These woofers deliver superior, undistorted low end that blends perfectly into any system. Besides showing off great bass and powerful performance from the WALL OF BASS. Big Bottom Bass was the topic at A&W and Hifonics had some great products to fit the theme!

The WALL OF BASS was pounding all weekend, outfitted with the new

TITAN Subwoofers and the Brutus Elite BE35 Amplifiers  

Check out all the TITAN subwoofers from 10 inch to 15 inch with various voice coil configurations.

The big draw for dealers was the new THOR line up for Powersports & Marine. Most of the Hifonics dealers had seen the launch on social media during SEMA last year, and now, they were ready to have a seat in the Hifonics Ranger, shut the doors and shut-out reality – for PowerSPORTS From The Gods.

Power Sports and Marine has quickly become a major focal point for retailers at every show and we showed up big this year with our full THOR line-up.

Our UHS Compression Horns, Sound bars, and Compact Amplifiers continued to impress. Power Sport systems continue to grow in size and volume so our TPS-A600.5 was a big hit in Texas. This amp is a five channel Power Sports, waterproof amplifier ready for any of the elements of Earth!

In summary, the event was great, the hospitality of our hosts was as expected. “Mr. Awad Sr. told me that he has been teaching the boys since they were young, ‘treat your customer like family and they will treat you like their family’.” concluded Dattalo.