The ALPHA philosophy is simple – it’s an attitude and it means being first, loud, and powerful. Hifonics presents its top of the line amplifiers with ALPHA.

Hifonics ALPHA Amplifiers nested in a Ferrari 458 Spider

We get that Hifonics amplifiers have a lot to grasp and understand, so here are some detailed graphics to help digest what exactly is going on inside the world of these powerful beasts.

A top-down view showcasing how power is delivered, sound quality circuits, and much more
A side view of an ALPHA Amplifier displaying all of the possible inputs and outputs ready for any install

In addition to our ALPHA Amplifiers, Hifonics offers Speakers, Subwoofers, and Powered Subwoofers to complete your pack of ALPHA.

Below are some beautiful install shots where an ALPHA family has made their homeā€¦in a Ferrari 458 Spider. Enjoy.

And here is a video link showcasing the day we spent with Showtime Audio and the beautiful 2015 Ferrari Spider. Enjoy.

Special thank you to Jerry Villa and the team at Showtime Audio for making this build become a reality! You guys rock!

If you’re interested in learning about more products from our ALPHA line, CLICK HERE to head on over into the heart of ALPHA. Products range from ALPHA Amplifiers, Speakers, Subwoofers and Powered Subwoofers.

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Be first, be loud, be powerful, become ALPHA.