Comments by those attending or nearby Quadna Mud Nationals in June were unanimous

THOR is proving to be one of the most versatile Hifonics Gods in the history of mankind. “THOR” is the name given to our Hifonics Marine and Powersports line of waterproof outdoor audio gear. The first item available are the sound bars and they are so loud we used them instead of the P.A. for event announcements in our booth.

The event of course was Quadna Mud Nationals. Hosted by Highlifter Off Road Products. And it is held every year in June at the Quadna Mountain ATV Park.

This year, the crowd was anticipating their chance to hear the new THOR sound bars. And hear them they did. So did thousands of people that were not even standing within a few dozen feet of the display. One of our competitors looked visibly shaken as NO one wanted to hear their sewer pipe system. “Ahhh…  poor poopie audio.” Turns out customers don’t want to buy shit.

THOR continues to assault the lakes and trails arriving in the Midwest as we tour the TPS6 and TPS10 – proving to everyone, that with our new integrated SUPER HPD (High Power Digital) amplifier topology with 30% more SPL, the THOR sound bars play really loud, don’t get hot and play all day.

We threw some brutal bottom end into the Polaris Ranger with a pair of Brutus 12″ subs and a pair of the Brutus Elite 35th Anniversary amplifiers. After-all, what are big beds on a Ranger for – carrying wood?? PAH-leeeez..

Checking out the BRX-12D4 Subwoofer

Brutus Elite 35th Anniversary Amps

Customers are screaming for their THOR Soundbars. We have received the first order and shipped to all the dealers that have been waiting for their evaluation models. We are about 1 month from shipping to everyone. There are two ways that you can get your hands on Thor quicker than average.

#1 – FREE

You can post a picture of your ORV on our Facebook wall or tag us in an Instagram post and tell us what you’re going to do with your THOR and TWO customers are going to be chosen at random based on their post to receive either a TPS6 or a TPS10.

#2 – SIGN UP

-and get your friends to sign up to the Hifonics email newsletter. When we launch the big shipment we will be offering some deals, you won’t want to miss it. The deal could last and hour or a week, there is no telling.  

These #MudGirls chose a 3rd strategy of “SIT ON IT UNTIL THEY GIVE IT TO US!”

Sorry ladies. Got to get in line, or sign up like everyone else.