Power from the Gods

It is difficult to fathom that mere mortals can possess car audio, marine and power sports products at this level! When you crank up a Hifonics system in a boat, a car or truck or an off-road vehicle you may feel as if you have climbed Mt. Olympus and stolen the lightning from the father of the gods himself and blasted it down on your friends in your ride, this is HIFONICS, POWER FROM THE GODS.

Today, Hifonics is heard around the world. On the street, on the lake, in the woods, on the farm, there is Hifonics powering music all over the Earth.

Innovative & Power Products

Hifonics Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Car Speakers, Sound Bars, Compression Horns, Marine Speakers and Signal Processors are forged by the gods! This is why the slogan “Power From The Gods” drives everything we do. The details in each product simply cannot be overlooked. Hifonics amplifiers offer Super A/B Class™ technology for sound quality solutions, while offering Super D-Class™ our best mono subwoofer amplifiers.

History of Hifonics

In the early 1980’s there was a revolution. A revolution in the way music was being recorded. In the studio, bands were working more and more in the digital format. More importantly, many artists found they could cut out the large studios and record their music faster and cheaper themselves. Recording music in basements and garages on PC’s and those rebellious Apple desktops. This anti-establishment and self-reliant attitude changed everything in the music industry and laid the foundation for the revolution that continues today.

Hifonics was born in this era. Founded by Helmut Stieglitz (1946 – 2017) one year after the launch of MTV and 3 years before the first car CD player. Hifonics brought mortals exactly what they needed – a revolution of their own. From cassettes to CD’s, from Hip-Hop and garage bands to mainstream rock and roll. Hifonics Car Audio has built some of the most intense music systems of the 80’s and 90’s.

Car audio has changed a lot in 35 years. There were days when a simple 100 watt amplifier, might be called, Class A, and cost several thousand dollars. Then came the late 80’s and early 90’s with competitions like IASCA, SPL races like dBDrag Racing which of course led to scandals with cheater amps and every concoction of technology imaginable to push the lunatic fringe of volume and bragging rights.

In 2001, Hifonics joined the Maxxsonics® family, based in Chicago, USA.