BE40-3000.1D BRUTUS ELITE 40th Anniversary 3000 Watt Mono Block Amplifier

Hifonics 40th Anniversary 3000 watt BRUTUS ELITE mono subwoofer car audio amplifier.

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Hifonics 40th Anniversary 3000 watt Super D-Class™ BRUTUS ELITE mono subwoofer amplifier with built-on bass enchancer, electronic crossovers, and bass remote included.

Weight 18.85 lbs
Dimensions 27.75 × 9.5 × 3.75 in
Item Weight (lbs)


Item Length (in)


Item Width (in)


Item Height (in)







BRUTUS ELITE 40th Anniversary








1 Year

Compatible Vehicles


Elite Dealer Only


Amp Class

Super D-Class®

Amp Total Channels


Amp Max Power (watts)


Amp Power @ 1 Ohm (ch x watts)

1 x 3000

Amp Power @ 2 Ohms (ch x watts)

1 x 2000

Amp Power @ 4 Ohms (ch x watts)

1 x 1150

Amp Crossover

Variable Electronic Crossovers

Amp Variable Low Pass Crossover 12dB per Octave


Amp Tone Control / Parametric EQ

Built-in Parametric EQ

Amp Bass Boost

0-9dB @ 45Hz

Amp Variable Voltage

High: 0.35-21V, Low: 0.2-12V

Amp Signal to Noise

> 100dB

Amp Frequency Response


Amp Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

< 0.01%

Amp Speaker Level Audio Inputs


Pre-amp Audio Outputs


Amp Power Terminal 12v/GND

0 GA

Amp Speaker Terminal Wire Gauge

12 GA

Amp Fusing

ext – 300A

Proposition 65 Notice WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Compatible Vehicle Fitment


Low Noise Preamplifier Circuit

Low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier pre-amplifier circuit with minimal distortion.

RCA Inputs

Tiffany Style RCA Connectors provide audiophile signal quality and maximum signal throughput with minimum distortion and maximum external noise rejection.

High Level Inputs

Easily tie into OEM audio systems that do not offer RCA output to maximize after-market amplifier power.

Operation Mode

One Channel (Mono): Purpose built 1 channel amplifier for driving subwoofers and subwoofer systems.

Crossover Type

Variable electronic crossovers allow for complete control of the signal directing to all speakers. See the specifications section for specific frequencies.

Electronic Equalizer

Electronic EQ allows you to control the amplifier output with on board electronic crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers. Check specifications for specific frequencies for this amplifier.

Class / Topology

The proprietary "Super D-Class” design uses high-speed microprocessors with proprietary D/A conversion algorithms to efficiently control the current consumption at very high listening levels. Hifonics Super D-Class results in lower distortion, higher current efficiencies, and less heat than conventional D-Class amplifier designs.

Output Device Technology

The Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET is designed for music production vs. just electronics output power. It produces high power with high efficiency for cooling and minimal distortion.

Heat Sink

Heavy-duty aluminum alloy heat sink efficiently moves heat from the MOSFET (where it can be cooled).

Power Supply

Pulse Width Modulated power supply keeps voltage constant through the Ultra-Fi MOSFET output devices.

Output Connections

Nickel-plated high-temperature impact resistant with hex screw terminals that allow for secure connections and is erosion resistant.

Connection Type

Molded and angled terminals provided a secure connection for all power, ground, and speaker connections. Angled for ease of access during installation.

LED System Protection Circuitry Diagnostics

Backlit Input Level Control Potentiometer provides an illuminated clip indicator for monitoring distortion. Additional illuminated indicators on the amplifier top-mount control panel display power, overload, and short protection.

Bass Remote Included

Wired dual concentric bass remote allows adjustments to the bass level and the output level (which can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle). Indicator LED’s display power and level clipping.

Auto Turn-On

The DC SIGNAL SENSE switch will allow the amplifier to turn on when a signal is received on the high level inputs. An amplifier remote turn on wire is not needed to power on the amplifier. This feature can also be turned off.

Additional Features

Built-In Bass Enhancer: Dial in the perfect bass performance by setting bass width and sweep on the amplifier’s top-mounted control panel. This allows you to fine-tune the frequency range and bass level output to your desired listening tastes. The included dual concentric bass knob gives ability to adjust these settings via your driver seat. Full RGB Lighting: RGB color selector on the amplifier's end panel controls the logo, end panels, and side panels LEDs. Select between Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Flashing all colors, Fading all colors, and Off.

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Hifonics BRUTUS ELITE 40th Anniversary Amplifiers (BE40) Quick Start Guide (Rev1)

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Hifonics BRUTUS ELITE Amplifiers (BE40) Autosense Technical Guide (Rev1.0)

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Hifonics BE40 Amplifiers Test Tones

Additional Info & Notes

Test Tones Release Notes

  • Setup test tones 100 Hz and 1k -10dB.
  • See manual and the following video for the setup procedure.