The ALL-NEW 2023 Colossus PRO amplifier line is set to deliver the ultimate listening experience with Hifonics sound reinvented through powerful levels of playback.

BIGGER power meets LOUDER sound through reinvented Hifonics Colossus performance. Offering incredible GODLIKE POWER FROM THE GODS and loudness throughout every listening session ALL-NEW for 2023 Hifonics Colossus PRO amplifiers signify ULTIMATE POWER and PLAYBACK by bringing out LOUDER levels of detail and incredible sound within audio. Get ready to hear what audio can sound like when it is given the PRO POWER of Colossus!

BIGGER POWER meets LOUDER SOUND with the Colossus PRO amplifier line. Signifying the top-of-the-line in ULTIMATE POWER and playback and leading the Colossus family of amplifiers in PRO sound and powerful performance – every song is reborn through more enhancements and elevated innovation with  Colossus PRO amplifiers. Colossus PRO brings out deeper sound and incredible audio.

HAC-5000.1D mono Colossus PRO amplifier (shown above)

Sam Dattalo, Vice President of Sales, said, “The Colossus PRO amplifier line takes performance and elevates it with true POWER FROM THE GODS. Every Colossus PRO amplifier delivers a listening experience that pushes the boundary in LOUDER sound quality, and I am so excited for everyone to get their hands on these amplifiers and hear the difference in ultimate playback power. The Colossus PRO line of amplifiers truly signifies what Hifonics stands for POWER FROM THE GODS.


The Colossus PRO signifies the flagship of the Hifonics Colossus family of amplifiers, giving sound ultimate enhancement in every genre of audio. Every listening session becomes enhanced through a BIGGER soundscape within any beat and note. Colossus PRO amplifiers bring BIGGER performance to audio.

HAC-3000.1D mono Colossus PRO amplifier (shown above)
HAC-1500.1D mono Colossus PRO amplifier (shown above)

With an Ultra-High efficient design power supply making every Colossus PRO amplifier the most efficient amplifier in Hifonics history POWER FROM THE GODS transcends previous Hifonics amplifier lines with innovated full range, Class-D technology performance. Hear minimal interface with other vehicle electronic systems with Ultra-Low EMI design and accept a wider range of input signals with high-end preamplifier circuits. Superior performance meets PRO levels of playback while staying protected under nearly every circumstance with triple protection circuits and a PRO thermal management system. Additionally, a delayed turn-on function ensures compatibility with a wide range of source units to eliminate any unwanted turn-on/off noises. Adjust the bass level relative to the setting on the amplifier end panel with an included bass remote. Transcend your expectations of POWER FROM THE GODS with Colossus PRO AMPLIFIERS FROM THE GODS

HAC-5000.1D mono Colossus PRO amplifier input and output end panels (shown above)


  • Full Range Class-D – All Colossus PRO amplifiers feature a full range Class-D chipset, including the mono models, making them compatible with a wide range of drivers, especially pro-style speakers.
  • Ultra-High Efficient Design – A thoughtful power supply design coupled with carefully selected parts results in the most efficient amplifiers in Hifonics history making them truly POWER FROM THE GODS.
  • Half Bridge Design – A more efficient design with fewer components results in higher power output.
  • Ultra-Low EMI Design – Minimal interface with other vehicle electronic systems.
  • High Tolerance Output Device – Ultra-Fi MOSFETS are designed for high output power and thermal dissipation through a proprietary coupling method.
  • Power Supply – Iron core transformer assists in the ultra-low EMI design while providing high power at an unmatched value.
  • High-End Preamplifier Circuit – Accepts a wider range of input signals.
  • RCA Inputs – Nickel-plated RCA jacks create an efficient connection that is corrosion-resistant.
  • Clean Board Construction – Multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB) with surface mount components require fewer parts and result in a cleaner design.
  • Delayed Turn-On Function – Ensures compatibility with a wide range of source units to eliminate any unwanted turn-on/off noises (like hisses and pops).
  • Thermal Management System – Variable speed fan cooling combined with the mass-loaded extruded aluminum heat sink results in better thermal management and output performance.
  • Triple Protection Circuits – Over/under voltage, short circuit, and thermal protection circuits give you peace of mind that your investment (audio system and vehicle) will be protected under nearly every circumstance.
  • Stylized Badging – The Hifonics logo is illuminated with blue LEDs and the Colossus logo badge is fly cut CNC machined aluminum (which gives a sleek and stylish finish).
  • Bass Remote – The included bass remote allows you to adjust the bass level relative to the setting on the amplifier end panel. The LED indicator light displays green when the amplifier is powered on and red if the amplifier enters protect.
Inside the world of Colossus PRO (shown above)

Alden Stiefel, President of Maxxsonics, mentioned, We have created an amplifier line that signifies the POWER of what Hifonics stands for – Colossus PRO is changing the game in HIGHER POWER! The engineers at Hifonics have truly created and delivered a product of expectations that brings MEAN SOUND, INCREDIBLE POWER, and SUPERIOR PLAYBACK in performance with Colossus PRO amplifiers. I am very excited for others to hear the true potential of their sound with a PRO amplifier line that brings out even more detail and layers of audio.”

Colossus has been REBORN through THE POWER of PRO with Hifonics! It’s time to dive deeper into audio with the epitome of Hifonics PRO amplifier sound. Resetting the Colossus standard of audio with more enhancements and features the ALL-NEW Colossus PRO lineup of amplifiers showcases audio and sound through higher power and playback. Get ready to HEAR LOUDER SOUND through Colossus PRO POWER!

Hear the best in your sound with more POWER, more LOUD, and more GODLIKE abilities through the power of Hifonics Colossus PRO amplifiers. Get ready to hear audio infused with POWER FROM THE GODS adrenaline that distributes incredible layers and details upon audio and songs. It’s time to GO COLOSSUS PRO!

Demand MORE LOUD and MORE SOUND with the POWER of Colossus!

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