COMPACT SIZE creating Colossus PRO POWER – the Colossus Mini amplifier line has arrived!

Utilize PRO SOUND anywhere your installation demands with Colossus Mini amplifiers. The call for tighter space in your audio installation/setup can be a burden when you still want PRO POWER or LOUDER sound. Colossus Mini amplifiers are ALL-NEW for 2023 and are the smallest size footprint of Colossus amplifiers from the Hifonics Colossus family. Higher performance meets compact space with Colossus Mini!

A smaller footprint but Colossus PRO SOUND – Colossus Mini amplifiers signify the smallest footprint the Colossus family of amplifiers has to offer but utilize innovative technology to make and create PRO POWER within every audio setup. Get ready to feel your audio come alive with HIGHER POWER and playback within a reinvented, smaller footprint. Demand PRO SOUND anywhere!

Sam Dattalo, Vice President of Sales, said, “If you need more space in your audio installation but want PRO POWER and PRO SOUND from your amplifiers the ALL-NEW Colossus Mini lineup of amplifiers will take care of everything. Showcasing sound in a smaller heat sink but producing PRO SIZE POWER in every beat and song, audio heard through the Colossus Mini line comes close to the Colossus PRO line of Hifonics amplifiers. I am blown away by the BIGGER and LOUDER SOUND that comes from such a smaller footprint. Get ready to hear your sound go PRO with Colossus Mini amplifiers!”

HCM-3000.1D mono Colossus Mini amplifier (shown above)


The Colossus Mini is the perfect amplifier when space is tight, and that installation setup calls for something smaller (but just as mighty as the Colossus PRO in louder sound) with ultimate POWER FROM THE GODS playback. COMPACT SIZE creates Colossus PRO POWER with the Colossus Mini line of amplifiers. Presenting PRO audio with higher playback of details innovated in a smaller footprint that can fit anywhere your audio installation/setup demands Colossus Mini amplifiers demonstrate incredible PRO POWER within the smallest size of the Hifonics Colossus family.

A smaller footprint – but utilizing full range Class-D chipsets (including the mono models) – all Colossus Mini amplifiers are compatible with a wide range of drivers, especially pro-style speakers. Colossus Mini amplifiers incorporate a smaller footprint design that enables them to be placed in motorcycles, UTVs, and other automotive vehicles – all while still creating Colossus sound. A high tolerance output device utilizes high output power and thermal dissipation through a proprietary coupling method, making LOUDER sounding playback in every beat, while a mass-loaded extruded aluminum heat sink results in better thermal management and output performance – resulting in HIGHER POWER audio. With fly-cut CNC badging on every Colossus Mini amplifier, the Hifonics and Colossus logo badges are CNC machined aluminum, presenting a sleek and stylish finish to every car audio installation. Embrace PRO SOUND with more space through Colossus Mini!

HCM-3000.1D Colossus Mini amplifier Input and Output end panels (shown above)

Alden Stiefel, President of Maxxsonics, mentioned, “The Colossus Mini line of amplifiers has you covered when space runs tight in your vehicle or audio setup. If you want to still receive PRO POWER and SOUND for your Hifonics audio system the Colossus Mini amplifier line delivers on all of it. A smaller footprint has been reinvented with Colossus PRO technology giving your audio a taste of the Colossus PRO line but repurposed for a smaller footprint within the Colossus Mini. I am very pleased with the development and outcome of this Colossus Mini amplifier line and can’t wait for others to hear the PRO HIGHER POWER sound and playback for themselves.”


  • Full Range Class-D – All Colossus Mini amplifiers feature a full range Class-D chipset, including the mono models, making them compatible with a wide range of drivers, especially pro-style speakers.
  • Compact Design – Small footprint design suites a wide range of applications like motorcycles, UTVs, and automotive vehicles. 
  • High Tolerance Output Device – Ultra-Fi MOSFETS are designed for high output power and thermal dissipation through a proprietary coupling method.  
  • Power Supply – Air core transformer is more effective for higher frequencies and energy loss due to its open-core design.
  • High-End Preamplifier Circuit – Accepts a wider range of input signals.
  • RCA Inputs – Nickel-plated RCA jacks create an efficient connection that is corrosion-resistant.
  • Clean Board Construction – Multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB) with surface mount components require fewer parts and result in a cleaner design.
  • Delayed Turn-On Function – Ensures compatibility with a wide range of source units to eliminate unwanted turn-on/off noises (like hisses and pops).
  • Mass-Loaded Heat Sink – The mass-loaded extruded aluminum heat sink results in better thermal management and output performance – no fan cooling required.
  • Triple Protection Circuits – Over/under voltage, short circuit, and thermal protection circuits give you peace of mind that your investment (audio system and vehicle) will be protected (under nearly every circumstance).
  • Fly-Cut CNC Badging– The Hifonics and Colossus logo badges are CNC machined aluminum (giving a sleek and stylish finish).
  • Bass Remote – The included bass remote allows you to adjust the bass level relative to the setting on the amplifier end panel. The LED indicator light displays green when the amplifier is powered ON and red if the amplifier enters protect.

Embrace PRO SOUND and POWER in a Mini footprint with Colossus Mini amplifiers!

See full line details HERE on the Hifonics website.