BG line is running at continuous big power and becomes flagship of RMS ratings.


BRUTUS Gamma (BG) amplifiers provide audio with undistorted clarity while producing big power. Incorporating Super D Class™ and Super A/B Class™ technology that features Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET outputs, selected for both balance and output power, BRUTUS Gamma amplifiers set the standard for RMS.

The true power of an amplifier is the heart of the RMS rating and BRUTUS Gamma amplifiers continue to set the precedent of power in Hifonics amplifiers.

RMS ( a terminology that means the average/running speed of the amplifier, not the most or least power it can do, but it’s the cruising and continuous power it can maintain), is where the amplifier is the most efficient at by pushing out true power to audio installations.

Alden Stiefel, President/CEO of Maxxsonics USA, commented, “We are really excited about this line of amplifiers, especially the technology that is in it. We have pushed the boundary of what is possible while setting a measure of expectation at Hifonics for years to come.”

For the BRUTUS Gamma lineup of amplifiers, RMS signifies the customer’s expectation of power to be delivered to their speakers and subwoofers. The all-new and upcoming BG-4000.1D BRUTUS Gamma amplifier unleashes strapping abilities to link with another amplifier to use 2 amplifiers for one output while maintaining huge power.

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