Hifonics ZEUS DELTA Digital Class amplifiers deliver higher quality sound in a compact space.

ALL-NEW for 2022, Hifonics ZEUS DELTA amplifiers create compact space with higher quality sound fused into innovative components. An evolution from the ZEUS amplifier line, ALL-NEW ZEUS DELTA amplifiers create immersive playback that feeds audio with clean and undistorted levels of listening in every beat and note. Get ready for more layers of audio discovery, rich details, and cleaner playback within every genre of music.

Transforming audio into a vibrant soundscape of more layers of listening and playback, ZEUS DELTA amplifiers make the most out of tighter areas when installation space is critical in vehicles with a smaller footprint.

Sam Dattalo, Vice President of Sales, said, “We have created this amplifier line as the next evolution of ZEUS sound. Bringing out more from your audio in every aspect while adding the flexibility of more install space into your vehicle or machine, ZEUS DELTA amplifiers signify a needed upgrade to every Hifonics car audio system. I am very excited to see the potential of car audio installations that the ALL-NEW ZEUS DELTA amplifier line will showcase.”


Bringing clean levels of undistorted clarity in every genre of music, ALL-NEW for 2022 ZEUS DELTA (ZD) amplifiers signify the ultimate audio system companion that adds more details to songs while delivering a fresh listening experience during any jam session that demands more POWER FROM THE GODS.

The entire Hifonics ZEUS DELTA amplifier line consists of one 5-channel, two 4-channels, one 2-channel, and four monoblocks. With a MASSIVE line to choose from, ZEUS DELTA promises to elevate your POWER FROM THE GODS listening experience with more immersion, deeper listening, and adding incredible details into every song. 

ZEUS DELTA ZD-2550.1D (shown above)
ZEUS DELTA ZD-1950.1D (shown above)
ZEUS DELTA ZD-1750.5D (shown above)
ZEUS DELTA ZD-1350.2D (shown above)
ZEUS DELTA ZD-1350.1D (shown above)
ZEUS DELTA ZD-750.4D (shown above)

Featuring a murdered look that keeps installations and vehicle setups clean and sleek, every ZEUS DELTA amplifier is showcased within an all-black finish that blends in with any car audio system. With logo illumination featured on the top of the heat sink, ZEUS DELTA amplifiers continue the legendary look and performance of Hifonics amplifiers within a smaller footprint that add flexibility to installation space. 

ZEUS DELTA ZD-3350.1D mono amplifier input and output end panels (shown above)



A full Digital Class amplifier line allows for a 30% smaller footprint compared to previous ZEUS amplifier lines – but still retains classic ZEUS power output and performance


Variable Electronic 12dB per octave


Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion


Nickel-plated, high-temperature, impact-resistant RCA inputs feature hex screw terminals that allow for secure connections


Control of amplifier output with on-board electronic crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers


PWM MOSFET power supply creates stable power through the PC board with minimal heat generation


Aluminum Hifonics heat sink creates superior heat dissipation for better sound

“While remaining cool and creating stable power through the PC board, every ZEUS DELTA amplifier has a compact and sleek design that assures fitment into any vehicle installation. These amplifiers are extremely compact and provide ample space where you will need it most. The incredible result from our Hifonics engineering team is the next evolution of ZEUS amplifiers that brings out the best performance from your audio while delivering sound in a much smaller space,” concluded Dattalo.

Take your amplifier installation to smaller spaces with the ALL-NEW 2022 Hifonics ZEUS DELTA (ZD) amplifier line. It’s time to transform your inner ZEUS with powerful performance that meets innovative design.

ZEUS DELTA has arrived. See full line details HERE on the Hifonics website.