ALL-NEW for 2021, Hifonics ZEUS Theta amplifiers utilize compact space with higher sound quality components. Built from a tradition powered by the gods, crafted and designed specifically in remembrance of Mr. Tremendous, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Ted Henricks, ZEUS Theta amplifiers capture the pulse of Hifonics and the inspiration that Ted left on Hifonics as a brand. ZEUS Theta amplifiers carry on Ted’s mission of perfecting customer service to others with incredible sounding audio, bringing out every detail that might be hidden away in any song that demands POWER FROM THE GODS.

Sam Dattalo, Vice President of Sales, said, “We have created an amplifier line that signifies the heart of what Ted Henricks had brought to Maxxsonics USA every day – going above and beyond in superior quality. The ZEUS Theta lineup exemplifies a comprehensive array of seven models featuring four monoblocks, two four-channels, and one robust five-channel amplifier. Every ZEUS Theta amplifier features a compact footprint to meet market demand while bringing out the best in every song with an aluminum heat sink for heat dissipation for an overall better sound.


Featuring a small, compact design that brings out clarity and depth from every song, ZEUS Theta amplifiers produce audio in rich details with ultra-levels of undistorted sound in every beat. Bringing out BIGGER bass, maintaining steady mids, and reaching higher trebles, every ZEUS Theta amplifier creates sound in an immersive experience.

ZEUS Theta ZTH-3225.1D amplifier
ZEUS Theta ZTH-2225.1D amplifier
ZEUS Theta ZTH-1625.5D amplifier
ZEUS Theta ZTH-1525.1D amplifier
ZEUS Theta ZTH-1425.4D amplifier
ZEUS Theta ZTH-1225.1D amplifier
ZEUS Theta ZTH-1025.4D amplifier



Variable Electronic 12dB per octave


Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion


Nickel-plated, high-temperature, impact-resistant RCA inputs feature hex screw terminals that allow for secure connections


Control of amplifier output with on-board electronic crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers


PWM MOSFET power supply creates stable power through the PC board with minimal heat generation


Aluminum heat sink creates superior heat dissipation for better sound

ZEUS Theta ZTH-3225.1D amplifier input and output end panels (shown above)

“While remaining cool and efficiently creating stable power through the PC board, every ZEUS Theta amplifier has a compact and sleek design that assures fitment into any vehicle installation. These amplifiers are extremely compact and provide ample space where you will need it most. The result from our incredible Hifonics engineering team is a powerful and compact line of amplifiers that deliver quality sound in a smaller space. Make sure to place your order soon as these are shipping now!” concluded Dattalo.

Continually pushing the boundary for getting things done in an above and beyond manner while inspiring the best in others to do the same, Ted Henricks exemplified superior quality in every aspect of the job. Every ZEUS Theta amplifier is crafted with that parallel precision, attention to detail, and 110% dedication to your audio, as Ted brought to the job, every single day. ZEUS Theta amplifiers are NOW SHIPPING.

Learn more about the entire lineup of ZEUS Theta amplifiers on the Hifonics website HERE.