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Hercules LTD 35th Anniversary Car Amplifiers
2/12/16 8:54 PM  |  Hifonics General News

The Hercules LTD delivers the same Super A/B Class™ full range and Super D-Class™ technology and is available through a very select group of retailers both Brick & Mortar and our Authorized Online Sellers.

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Hifonics Warranty Fact and Fictions
12/31/15 9:19 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Learn about Hifonics's warranty process and what you can do if your product malfunctions and make sure you're covered.

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New Hercules 35th Anniversary Amp
12/23/15 7:16 PM  |  Hifonics General News

New Amplifiers for Authorized Online Dealers Only 

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Hifonics Announces Brutus Elite 35th Anniversary Amplifiers
12/23/15 4:02 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Full lineup of non-internet amplifier line for Elite dealers only

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Hifonics CES 2016 at Westgate Hotel & Casino
11/30/15 7:08 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Suite 2905 & 2906 – Central Tower

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Hifonics is Expanding the “Elite” Program with New Product & Programs For 2015
10/9/14 3:28 AM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics Will Be Showing New 2015 Product at SEMA 2014 That Will Cater to the Specialty Retailer by Expanding Non-Internet Products from the Successful “Elite Program”

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The Gods Have Opened Mt.Olympus with Huge Power!
1/2/14 8:55 PM  |  Hifonics General News

Hifonics has announced the full line of Mt. Olympus amplifiers for competitors and mortals that demand the biggest and baddest amplifiers for car audio.

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New Hifonics Hercules Car Speakers
1/2/14 8:53 PM  |  Hifonics General News

With the anticipation of the Hifonics Brutus X14 amplifiers, Hifonics announces a new line of speakers.

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